Greek Yogurt

I bought a vanilla Oikos to see what all the hype is about with these new Greek style “yogurts”.

The ingredients show that it’s not really yogurt. It’s corn starch, cultured moo juice, sugar, vanilla, citric acid (to fake that sour yogurt taste) and some preservatives (joy).

I opened the lid and Kitteh went wild. I stuck my finger in it, held it down to her face and she jammed her nose in it and went on a licking frenzy. When she finally stopped, I examined my newly exfoliated finger to see if there was any skin left. Luckily, there was.

Usually, she’s a good judge of taste (she likes beets, spinach, pickles and peppermint) so I put my trust in her raspy tongue’s taste buds.

I tried a spoonful. Gaaaaah! Blech. I completely disagree with Kitteh on this one. She must not be able to taste the overwhelming citric acid or feel the chalky, pasty coating it leaves in your mouth.


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2 Responses to Greek Yogurt

  1. Kim says:

    Yeah I tried that one & thought it sucked also:( Fage is pretty good, when I’m not trying to be vegan I love it with honey or instead of sour cream on nachos, but it doesn’t work for baked potatoes, suppose best cold. I always think of Greek yogurt as traditionally being made with goats milk? And since contrary to popular belief rats are lactose intollerent my girls love the Redwood Hill Farm goats milk yogurt, lol…I found them as babies, so if it wasn’t for them & my dog I would have a kitty also;)

  2. TripodMA says:

    I do the ovo-lacto thing, but I’ve done some cutting back on my cheese addiction and I need to try to make soy yogurt one day 🙂 I’m pretty sure too that Greek yogurt is traditionally goat milk based.
    We used to take plain (real) yogurt and strain it overnight and it was thick, but this not-real yogurt stuff was @#%& . I don’t think I’m brave enough to try Fage…at least for a while. lol

    Have you tried agave nectar instead of honey?
    How cute…rats lapping up yogurt!

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