Sign Me a River: Boo Hoo Mean Driver

Signing driver duel.

I was on my way to get cat food and random stuff going the speed limit like I usually do….this hot headed, lead foot driver flew up on my bumper and apparently wanted his car to mate with my car. Up ahead, the light was red and there were two cars stopped. I stopped and it so happened to block him from getting into the left turn lane to get on the highway. Boo hoo. He was pissed. I watched him in my rear view mirror and he put his right hand over the steering wheel and gave me the asshole sign using the manual alphabet letter f shape. I signed back to him another sign for asshole. He looked surprised. lol Pretty much every day has been like this since.


People on the road and store clerks have been so nasty.

It would take a zillion pages to describe what the lady at the dollar store was like and how she totally flipped when I gave her coupons and she had no idea how to process them. It was like I plotted against her to ruin her life. omg.


In another store, I was deliberately followed by store security. He was a freak. After three times of him coming up at me from behind (never assume a person’s peripheral abilities to be that poor), I turned down an aisle, stopped in the center of it and just waited. He came face front from the opposite end, not expecting me to be just standing there waiting for his creepy self. He had no idea what to do and just stood there staring at me, expressionless, dead in the eye…and me in return. I counted in my head and when I got to twelve, he turned on one heel and walked off. I didn’t see him after that. lol


There’s more. I’ll finish it up later. 🙂

My 2014 motto and emotional reconstruction attempt: Keep smiling. Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

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The Department of Redundancy Department

Thank you government harassment for making my life not a free life.

I don’t think lawyers will be the final answer to the problems the government can create for non-problematic native citizens.

When I was little, I was full of hope for all nations and all peoples. I thought America was a pretty bitchin’ and progressive republic.


We have the NSA, the FBI with their NCIC and CJIS, the DHS with their fusion centers, the eventual nationwide Openfox database, and each state’s current database on free individuals who have done nothing wrong.

Just go to protests or take photos of law enforcement officers on the street…which are Constitutionally protected activities…and you will find yourself classified in every single database as a terrorist. Then, you can expect terroristic annual visits from federal government agents and daily stalking by local law enforcement agents via LPRs mounted on traffic control poles to alert the dispatch center and live cams on street light poles to keep watch until a cop can catch up to you and try to intimidate you by riding your bumper or wait on a hill for you.

This is a government AGAINST the people.

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Whoever is the bald cop with the cheap wayfarers on who was riding my bumper to my destination @ 12:30…..fuck you.

That is all.

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Urban Camping

One place I go to look for certain types of birds had a little camp set up.

Under some weeping tree branches there was a DiscMan on the ground. I looked up and there was a bedroll jammed in a tree fork, a gas can and a bag of stuff.

It’s a good place to live actually. Not too far a walk from a store and some restaurant dumpsters. If I ever end up homeless, I could see myself in that little place. 


It’s been a weird and crazy summer.

Another friend of mine has cancer, but he’s not expected to make it. My other friend’s cancer was caught early and they went through treatment and they’re doing well. 

Cancer is not for the old, like it used to seem to be.


One neighbor fairly close by was murdered.

At another house, someone was taken out in a body bag. Not too much fuss about that one. No forensic team, no crime scene tape, nobody arrested. I thought at first that someone had broken into their house because the dad and a daughter kept walking from the open garage door to the back of the house while a cop took flash photos in the garage just before sunrise.  

Cops were there about two and a half hours photographing and taking a little evidence out to one of the cruisers. Then the coroner came. Then someone in a body bag was taken out of the garage on a gurney and placed into a van.

There’s no scuttlebutt in the neighborhood about this. Maybe a suicide, maybe a squatter died from the heat or maybe someone killed a burglar.


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Stealth Caterpillar

The fourth parsley worm. 🙂 He was well hidden earlier today. He’s about 1/3 the size of the others, so he’ll need some time to eat and fill out before he molts.
Black Swallowtail younger 2nd instar

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Who Ate The Parsley?

Three black swallowtail caterpillars aka parsley worms. 🙂


This little guy or gal is in the last stages of his second instar. He will lose his little black spikes after he sheds, which should be sometime this week.
Black Swallowtail 2nd instar single

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Treacherous Tuesday

Guy ahead of me was lit up for speeding. He took forever to realize the cop was coming after him and eventually pulled over and parked in the no parking zone. I wonder if he got a ticket for that in addition. lol
Speeding not parking violation

Supervisor lunch bunch.
Super Lunch Bunch

No tag Tuesday. Nope, not even in the back window.
No tag Tuesday Cowboys

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