I went to protests and all I got was this lousy surveillance.

Proud parking lot naturalist.

My Awards:
Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2011
Recipient of the distinguished FBI Out-And-About & Home Visit award
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The coveted Dr. B. Suhim, Pfffft D., You’re An Instigator award
The illustrious I Stole Your Soul With The Surveillance Camera At My Front Door and I’m Still Considering Posting It On Youtube award


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  1. redkatieanne says:

    Kindred spirts, I think.

  2. TripodMA says:

    Kindred victims of FBI investigations. Yup. Different circumstances, though. The FBI had nothing better to do than create a faux “terrorism” investigation of a protest group and to stalk us, harass us, play baby sitter at protests, follow me around and watch me buy food, cigs and tampons, go drink coffee with friends, spy on my house from across the street and down the street, tap my phone, subpoena my ISP, snoop on my e-mail convos, recruit snitches when there was nothing to snitch about, and waste gazillions of dollars involving the highway patrol, US Marhals, at least 4 local police departments, state bureau of investigation, 2 sheriff’s departments…you get the idea. They created on paper a perception of “terrorism” just so they could stick their intrusive noses into peoples’ lives and constitutionally protected activities for COINTELPRO purposes.

    The “investigation” originated with my ex-friend and then the rest of us were guilt by association victims…with me being singled out above the others. I think it’s just because Special Agent Kreepy has a thing for me and could follow me and use surveillance as an excuse for voyeurism. And that’s the consensus of a few other people too. lol.

    Nobody got subpoenaed for faux federal charges since they were just screwing with us to bust up the protest group. My ex-friend got himself arrested along the way for doing some stupid shit he knew he shouldn’t do though, then he fell off the map.

    I hope you can/will contact the ACLU or the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) in your state for your municipal and federal issues. They can provide lesser rates and pro bono services sometimes. My civil rights attorney was obtained through the NLG. He’s awesome. He knows the FBI game. You need a good attorney when you have a mob of assholes coming at you who are bent on making you go away…and the worst part is they can and will do it with circumstantial evidence and a lot if “we think you did it and here’s how we think you did it” talk. Guilty until….

    (Best thing I learned from the whole experience is that I can say “Fuck you” or flip the bird to a cop or a fed and it’s not against the law!)

  3. redkatieanne says:

    Unfortunately in Cambria County if an unarmed transwoman molests a heavily armed group of police officers, that is a very serious crime under the unwritten code of “Cambria County Law” Apparently Cambria County law is like the British Constitution. It has never been written out, but every one should know it.

    I have contacted the ACLU, the National Lawyers Guild, Lambda Legal, and GLAAD. The ACLU in Pittsburgh never responded. The other groups sent individual or multiple contacts for lawyers in this area. So far everyone I contacted was too busy to help. Fortunately, the federal Public Defenders office provided me with an excellent stand by counsel for the federal issues. He and I disagree on almost everything, but Bill is good man and fine lawyer. My feeling was if you get behind the news cycle you end up like Richard Jewel. You are convicted in the press without a trial court ever being convened. I have been happy to talk wit the press at any length they want.

    By speaking to press you get fair coverage. Look at Monday’s Court ruling. Three journalist sat through the four and half hour trial. They dutifully recorded the Judge and Assistant DA’ s feelings that mine was not a political trial and did not involve the Pitt Bomb threats. The press then made abundantly clear that they thought that was a load of bollocks. Remember James Carvel’s epigrammatic remark that Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle. Well this is Alabama part. I honestly believe this first time in Cambria County history any has ever won any part of a “contempt of cop” trial. I was amazed that the press completely dismissed the Judge and prosecuter’scomments as rubbish

    No one in this area wants to go up against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and its pet University. UPMC is a multinational several billion dollar concern. Every one knows that Pitt officials used the bomb threats to halt a suit against the University. The first time someone sends a crank email with bomb threat, its is prudent to evacuate the buildings named. The fortieth time it you get a crank email with no actual bombs being found, sweeping the buildings with dogs is the appropriate response. It is simply amazing that “The Threateners” and University reached an accommodation in the middle of finals week when soon the only people left at Pitt would be staff and administrators. That was very considerate of the “The Threateners” Obviously the Pitt administration played the bomb threats for all they were worth and decided to even a score with Seamus and myself in the process. They also managed to change University policy so that everything that happened to Seamus was now the policy through out the University system.

    Obviously swiping the computer that belonged to the Social Democrats, USA-Socialist Party, USA was COINTELPRO work. Please do not confuse our group with SDUSA a tiny faction of Leninist- Zionists. This group’s official position on the Gaza relief flotilla, attacked by Israeli commandos on the high seas is the dead and wounded got what they had coming. A very strange bunch indeed. They have now joined with a” Trannie-bashing” site Gendertrenders to attack me personally. Sexual transition is very difficult when done in privacy. Mine apparently will take place in front of the entire world. I might as well enjoy the ride.

    I am jealous of all your police attention. All we got were the FBI, some other federal investigative agency, the State Police and the entire shift of local cops. I was dreaming about my experience going to University in Northern Ireland. I heard the tramping on the stairs just like a British Army raid and woke up to find a gun pointed to my face. Then the real nightmare began. We were essentially held at gunpoint for three hours. When they returned 36 hours later, I was dragged out of-the bath tub soaking wet with shampoo in my hair and given thirty seconds to dress and then Seamus and I were ejected from our own home. The only thing the FBI took was every note and bit of hard copy concerning the suit against the University of Pittsburgh. Again no affidavit of probable cause, just a warrant served after the search. Fourth Amendment, what Fourth Amendment?!

    My father-in-law, who was simultaneous raided on both occasions was not thrown out of his own home. He watched the investigators at work and concluded this was a training exercise. I wish that here in Pennsylbama there was brave band of human rights activists. Everybody I have met has been extremely supportive. I have become a local celebrity. I am not sure if that is good or bad. Its great for me. I always wanted to pose for pictures with strangers and give autographs. I had hoped it would be for cutting a gold record or having an NY Times best selling book. I look at Stu Rasmusen, the mayor of Silverton, Oregon; and I think there may be a place for a transgendered left wing politico even in Pennsylbama. Well, a girl can dream.

    In Solidarity,


  4. TripodMA says:

    “Remember James Carvel’s epigrammatic remark that Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle. Well this is Alabama part.” Pennsylbama lol

    I hear ya that It’s also has given them access to your group’s information and I know they’re not fans of certain organizations or beliefs.

    I think pro se work-product should be off limits just as a licensed attorney’s work product or atty/client privileged product is.

    Curious person that I am, I’ve been wondering why they haven’t asked for DNA samples from both of you. That usually goes hand in hand with evidence collection and including or excluding suspects. Although they’re asking for both your fingerprints, I wonder if they actually have developed prints from the paper towels and cup protector (items the media reported on). Because where there are prints, there is DNA.
    Richard Jewel, Dr. Steve Hatfill and various peers…the list goes on and on.

  5. My fingerprints were given on a glass cylinder, no ink. They certainly could have taken prints or DNA samples from the things they took from our home. However they so contaminated the crime scene that I doubt anything would be admissible. They covered every square foot of our apartment before doing any investigating during both raids. My guess as to why they don’t ask for a hair sample or check swab is that would almost certainly require an affidavit of probable cause. As they are devoid of probable cause, they are unlikely to seek such a warrant.

    The entire raid business was a favour by David Hickton, U.S. Attorney to Jerome Cochran, Pitt’s General Counsel. This was a slow down the suit exercise, or maybe terrify us so much we slink away. Instead they made me angry. “There’s them pushing up and them pushing down. All that matters is who has the most push.” Sean Connery as “Black Jack” Kehoe in “The Molly Maguires”. When you read about the “Mollies” or The Haymarket Martyrs it is amazing how little has changed in nearly a century and half!

    In Solidarity,

    Katie-Anne McCloskey-Ross

  6. TripodMA says:

    So you mean it was the FBI who collected your hand grasp print and fingerprints by having you hold a glass cylinder and they took that with them?

  7. No, I mean the Pennsylvania State Police, as a service to the FBI, took my finger and palm prints by the trooper running my fingers and palms over a glass which revolved somewhat in the process.It was part of a computerised machine. The computer monitor then showed the print with marking points in red. It was highly humiliating, but not messy. As the State Police barracks were the finger prints and handwriting samples were done has the women’s loo inside the female dressing room, I was escorted by the FBI and State Police to dressing room. Is that conspiracy to commit indecent exposure?

  8. TripodMA says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Oh, that’s a digital scanner.

    (Hmmm. I dunno…but they would probably escort any non-employee in either dressing room.)
    It would be kinda weird knowing they’re outside the door and can listen to you pee. 😀
    Too bad they don’t have an any-gender/handicap public single toilet in their lobby.

    Do you remember if they checked the bathroom after you came out? That’s what law enforcement (FBI/sheriffs/state BI whoever – uniformed & plain clothes) used to do to my ex-friend, me and another friend after we used public toilets at protests and various places we’d hang out. I started leaving sticky notes in the bowl when I was done with “all I did was pee” written on them. lol

  9. Actually, a female trooper came in while was fixing my makeup. She went to her locker and got out her lunch and we chatted very briefly on how having the toiets so close to the changing areas was a health hazard. I at first ssumed she was a there deliberately, but her acclacrity at getting to the lunch room suggested not.

    They were welcome to check the toilets after I left. Though I wonder how they would have known which one Before anyone asks- I pee like every other woman.

    My point was that my spouse Seamus Johnston is charged with indecent exposure for changing in the men’s locker room of a state related university and using the men’s bathroom. I have been actively assisted in finding the women’s room in police stations, district judge’s office, and state and federal courthouses by county constables, local police officers, county deputies, federal deputy marshals, who all clearly new who I was. They rather eerily called me by name, so I am sure they know who I am. Obviously, one has to undress to a significant degree to pee as a woman. As most of these individuals addressed me by name, they knew who I was. So, riddle me this, why is Seamus charged with indecent exposure of the first degree for using campus bathrooms, while I have been in women’s room at the courthouse at which he will tried at the same time as employees of the District Attorney and Sheriff’s offices and no one has said a word? Yes, of course I timed it that way! I even followed the prosecutor into the loo on Monday. It would be hard for even the most credulous individual not see this as a selective prosecution brought for no other reason than Seamus’ suit and complaints to the Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, and City of Pittsburgh human rights commissions.

    In Solidarity,

    Katie-Anne McCloskey-Ross

  10. TripodMA says:

    It’s just that if someone doesn’t have their guy parts yet, they can’t let their current lady parts be visible to other guys in a locker room (and vice versa)…same as a person born female and who identifies as female, it’s not legal for them to go naked in a guy’s locker room…it’s all about the parts..not the person.

    Personally, I think everybody should have privacy showering and dressing. I never understood the educational system’s communal shower and dressing area conditions.

    But, yah, the school needs to do something for people who are pre-op as far as locker room and bathrooms.

    But, I don’t care who anyone is though, I expect anyone using a public restroom to have the courtesy of securely closing and fastening the lock on the stall door while you’re in it. 😉

  11. The University can produce only one paid tout who claims to have witnessed anything. The work study student who collects towels said he did not see Seamus’ lower guy parts from 20 feet away and so he assumes he had girl parts. He also testified that he did not see Seamus’ breasts because his upper parts were clothed. Given the paucity and unreliability of testimony, the assistant district attorney argued that gender was irrelevant. Any person partially clothed in changing room was indecent and a criminal. I have the recording of the hearing and intend on posting it. Cambria County has a new ordinance, no nudity in the changing room. I have no idea when the County and University adopted Sharia Law! This is the absolutely frantic state of the Commonwealth’s case.

    Previously the University had a policy of no discrimination against any student because of “gender identity and expression”-http://www.cfo.pitt.edu/policies/policy/07/07-01-03.html. At the main campus black, white, oriental, gay, straight and transmen all used the same facilities. The same for women. A transprson needed a letter from a medical professional stating that he or she was trans and was actively taking steps to bring the body into conformity with the gender expression. This did not mean surgery or even hormones. It could mean grooming.

    Most commercial gyms provide a separate shower stall for every woman. There would be no prohibitive cost in retrofitting changing rooms to match city and country ordinances.

    Yes, when I use the toilet I close and lock the stall door. So does every transperson I know. I do want, while it is still possible, to go to the main campus and obey the “new rules”. I want to go to every public men’s room on campus hitch up my skirt, lower my panties and have a good pee in the urinals. One of the androgen blockers I take is a powerful diuretic. If I drink lots of cold liquids I should be able to hit every public men’s room during a business day. I am a rather large girl at a little over six foot and 220 pounds. I captained the Pitt-Johnstown soccer, rugby, and club judo team and Johnstown’s Gaelic football team. The advantages of spending nearly every summer in the U.K. or Ireland. We were poor but not so our foreign relatives. That was several decades ago, but I am in fair nick and am not terribly afraid.

    Which leads me to my last point. Communal showers in American schools were designed to build team spirit, This idea and the goings on in shower are absolutely daft. This doesn’t go on in other countries by the way. I have played pick up games rugby, soccer, Gaelic, and Aussie Rules football in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Irish Repuplic, Germany and France Showers are for removing grime there and not for pep rallies, hazing, or buggering young boys. I still remember the aghast look on our foreign players’ faces when the Americans started chanting in shower and changing room. In most countries those antics are saved for the field or the after game party.

    All I can say is thanks be to God for estrogen!

  12. TripodMA says:

    Ummm but how do other guys change in a communal changing room when they change their underwear? Under a king sized sheet?

    Really…I don’t want to see other people’s parts unless I’m in an intimate relationship with them….that’s just me. lol
    I can’t say how it would be if I were a guy in a guy’s locker room even. But, still, everyone should have a place to get clean and to pee in private.

    So the attendant didn’t even see anything in front…top or bottom? From the articles I read it seemed like they were saying Seamus stripped down showing everything in front of a bunch of the guys and went about changing clothes.

    All I know is that I don’t participate in “private public” or public nudity. But, I’ll bet that civil rights special group that’s working with the college will get things sorted out. I’m sure there are other people who would benefit.

    Tangent time: I wonder how the campus police would treat a guy in the guy’s locker room who has moobs…either pot smoker moobs or regular chubby guy moobs. They’re still breasts. ::shrugs::

  13. My own boobs are approaching C cup range. So I could join the alumni association and find out. Your $300 membership allows you to use the swimming pool and changing area during off peak times.

    Nudity really means very little to me. Well, except that once I looked a great deal better in the nude. Also in Europe and the other places I have been this just is not a big deal. Australian beaches are clothing optional except were posted. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s skinny dipping and hot tubes were just regular features of life. Most guys at the YMCA swam in the nude except for racing or water polo. I am though in total agreement with separate stalls for every one. Everyone does not feel as I do and is entitled to privacy. As I say, separate showers work at commercial gyms. Come to think about it, if the University had phrased it that were installing a changing area for shy cisgendered men only while everyone else was free to use the other changing area there would have been no problems.

    Seamus is 5 foot 2 and weighs about 130 pounds. He likely would more than hold his own against any one his size or a bit bigger. However, this was a men’s weight training class and drew some fairly large fellows. After nearly a year on testosterone, Seamus does not look very feminine. No he did not expose himself. He showered quickly and then dressed. He took the class a semester before and no one said anything about his using the men’s changing facilities. It only became an issue when Seamus asked to try out for the wrestling squad. He was refused even a chance to come to practice. The first police involvement was the day after the school newspaper ran an article about Seamus’ feelings of discrimination and his intent to sue and criminally prosecute UPJ administrators : http://www.upj-advocate.com/features/2011/11/16/transgender-student-claims-discrimination/ The “alternative accommodations” were offered only after Seamus’ second arrest. That brought the total number of unisex bathrooms on campus to two.

    I wrestled for just one year in high school. That’s the only year there was a team. When I went to UPJ the coached begged me to wrestle. He could not offer me any kind of scholarship and the soccer coach could offer me a full scholarship. That was quick decision. I regularly worked out with the wrestling team. After we formed the Judo Club, Club members frequently worked with the wrestlers. There was one female on the wrestling practice squad and several female Judo players. This meant men grappling with women and it work out just fine. At the time we had one gym. Now UPJ has more athletic facilities than the Olympic village.

    There really are no human rights, or LGBT advocacy groups in Pennsylbama. Since the mills and mines closed there are barely Labor Unions. Pittsburgh is really no longer a big city with a population of 350,000. The ACLU and National Layers Guild still send out fund raising letters but there are no offices, or staff, or contact people.

    The Anti-Discrimination Policy Committee (ADPC) under the excellent guidance of its chair, Dr. Jane Feuer, of the University Senate was trying to deal with the range of gender expression. They sought to protect not only the transgendered, but the intersexed, androgynes, gender-queers, and just the person who looks different like effeminate male or masculine looking woman. They allowed Seamus and I to speak to them. Later they wrote a letter to the chancellor asking for Seamus to be reinstated. Then they drew up a reasonable policy on bathroom use. Almost at the time the letter was sent the bomb threats began. Then suddenly the General Counsel announced that he was going to make bathroom policy by fiat. He struck down the policy I linked earlier, which had been approved by the trustees and signed by the Chancellor in 2008. The new the bathroom must equal birth certificate rule categorically defies city and county ordinances. When does the General Counsel over rule the Chancellor and board of trustees? Then suddenly on the next to last day of finals week, when bomb threats would only effect the administration and maintenance staff, Pitt does a deal with “The Threateners” and there is no more reward for information on the threats,the members of the LBGT group have gone home, and University Senate will not meet again until September. Now there is only Seamus’ complaint and a lawsuit in progress. Enter the U.S. Attorney and FBI. What serendipitous coincidence that benefits the University immensely.

    If there is anyone who believes this is coincidence, I have some ocean front property in Ohio that I am looking to sell.

  14. TripodMA says:

    Heck, it could be anyone…
    -Maybe the person who made bomb threats there a few years ago…did the FBI even go talk to them? (If not, why not?)

    -It could be someone who sees themselves as defending Seamus and/or you by using threats.
    http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/news/education/threats-finished-at-pitt-email-claims-632641/?print=1 being “”Finally, we’d like to point out that none of the people publicly identified as suspects, or ‘persons of interest,’ had any connection to us or to our campaign,”… .”
    (Confusing….Does that mean their “campaign” is about the issues the two of you are facing and they deny your involvement or does that mean their “campaign” is about something entirely different (is it just to see if they could control people through threats, tuition, bad cafeteria food)

    -It could be a campus cop or other employee with hero syndrome (e.g., send a threat, sweep the building, make it all safe for everyone = adulation).
    -It could be just some random jerk.

    But, it seems the FBI’s mindset is that defiance, arrest, expulsion, and announcing a civil law suit to come = most likely to e-mail bomb threats, leave graffiti bomb threats on walls and leave bomb threats on paper products in bathrooms to the exclusion of all others.

    I wonder how far along they are with fingerprint comparisons and computer forensics. You’d think they’d be done by now.

  15. As far as I know, we were the only “persons of interest” in the Pitt bomb threats, Law enforcement did speak to a volunteer fire fighter you offered his unsolicited opinion of first several bomb threats to the press. What does not make sense is, if this person, or group of people were angry with Chancellor Nordenberg, why were more than were three quarters of threats aimed at places he would not be or specified times he was not at the University. If someone believes that Nordenberg does not care about the Pitt students, then why send the students running out of their dorms in the middle of the night. If these people are right about Nordenberg, he would not be moved in the slightest. Why threaten Carnegie Mellon? Why no threats at other Pitt campuses. The other four much smaller campuses would have really been put into a panic if the same threats and same responses where to have happened. Who ever made the threats knew a great deal about the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. I never heard of half the places that were threatened and apparently nothing about the branch campuses. That’s why I am sure they were not our ally. They actually put a monkey wrench in the works for us.

    Of course the U.S. Attorney and FBI are finished with their investigation of us. They also know the moment they say that they are going to be sued. So they want more of my handwriting. They already have about 6 months worth. I am “south paw” who was forced to learn to write with my right hand. So I do as little hand writing as possible. I know how truly ugly my script is and I am ashamed of it. If I left messages about bomb threats they would be need to be typed in order to be read. Seamus handwriting is very legible and very distinct. What the FBI will not even address is how we supposedly made it to Pittsburgh when we had no car at the time. The FBI thoroughly searched the car purchased just before our computers were taken as if searching a car purchased in mid-April would provide clues to what happened in February and March.

    This is exactly why the lack of proper Fourth Amendment process with an “affidavit of probable cause” is so galling. If the FBI or Joint Counter Terrorism Taskforce were forced to produce a 3 by 5 index card filled with evidence against us, they could not do it. All they can say is we had motive, but neither means nor opportunity. That is why I argue that the whole exercise is a favour done by U.S. Attorney David Hickston for Pitt General Counsel and Executive Vice-chancellor Jerome Cochran. I would not go so far to say that Cochran and other Pitt administrators invented the bomb threats, but he did nearly nothing about them ( e.g. installation of metal detectors and bag X-ray machines) and used the threats as cover what was essentially a coup that over threw the rule of the Board of Trustees and University Senate, Along the way told the city and county to pound salt as far as their civil rights ordinances went. When I took a sew journalism classes many moons ago. the professor suggested a version of “follow the money”. The people who most benefit from the commission or a crime may well have something to do with the crime.

  16. TripodMA says:

    Oh, the firefighter….I remember reading about that guy. Seems like he could fit the “hero” profile. I wonder if he’s been given the grand jury treatment and just didn’t talk about it publicly.
    Curious me wants to know if they’ve been suspect shopping by way of grand jury.

    An additional thing, if they haven’t checked the campus’ servers to see if someone sent the threats from the campus, they should have back then. Just the same as their checking electronics of both of yours to see if there was an Internet connect to any anonymous server or the use of any anonymizing software.
    Say they would find it was someone on campus at a computer lab – the longer they wait, the less chance they will have to ask students who were in the lab on X date to try to recall who was present.

    Follow the money is a great theory and a lot of times works well where politics are concerned. yup.

    So you still have to go and write things for them in their presence?
    Since it’s far easier to file an affidavit of probable hunch and use a federal grand jury to get people’s belongings in search of evidence to try to see IF there has been a crime committed than it is to file an affidavit of probable cause before a judge with evidence of a crime…it’s pretty obvious how they came to get their affidavit of probable hunch.

    From April 11, 2012
    David Hickton, United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, issued a statement Tuesday saying that authorities have made “significant progress in the investigation” of the bomb threats, but he did not expand on exactly what this meant.

    “We thank the University of Pittsburgh students and community members for the information they have provided so far. The information has helped us to focus upon potential suspects,” Hickton said in the statement. “We encourage anyone who thinks that they may have information to continue sharing this with law enforcement.”
    Original DOJ release here
    And later the media reported the two agents came to your place April 11 (the date of the release), and that the FBI served you both subpoenas on the 12th.

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