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Police and Fake Workmen

Yesterday I went to an Asian market and blew a lot of money 🙂 I hadn’t been to that one in months so it was time to stock up on mochi cakes, White Rabbit, kim chi, onion pancakes, a bunch of sauces, a melon Ramune :D, etc.
On the way there, I was followed by a cop at a distance for miles. I went beyond where I should have turned and went left into a parking lot to turn around. So, what does he do? He turned right into a parking lot across the street and drove to the exit where he got stuck waiting at the light to go left. I turned right on red after stopping and back tracked.
He appeared in my rear view mirror after a little while and followed until I got to my turn off to the store.

This morning, I’m sitting with a mineral mask on my face and someone comes to the door. OMG. Thanks. Great timing. I look at the camera monitor and there’s a man with an athletic build, very neatly groomed, neatly dressed, an ID tag and a tablet…standing there. A legit enough utility truck was parked in my drive. I took off the mineral mask. I opened the door and he said someone’s name I didn’t recognize. I said “wrong” and asked what house number he was looking for. He fumbled around with the tablet and said my house number. I told him with a little grumpy attitude that this happens a lot. He finally picked up his orange cones that matched his clean and pressed orange polo shirt and left. I looked up the last name he said on a search engine and found it was —>56<— house numbers down the street. Not even the chance a dyslexic error or typo happened.

He looked more like a cop or an FBI agent than a utility worker. Like Special Agent Mikey who wore a water company jacket. lol

There was someone recently who was greeted by the FBI who traveled to their home in a legit looking FedEx truck.

Who knows anymore.

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Almost As Good As The NSA

Things I found out:

Special Agent Mikey has a 38″ flat screen TV, a Toshiba Blue-ray and a 50 W per channel amplifier.

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I Am A Plumber

or I should be as much as I have to do surgery on my plumbing.

The kitchen sink hot water was down to a drizzle…so I looked up all the symptoms and conditions on the internet.

First, I learned how to and replaced the cartridge, spring and rubber gasket. Nope, the patient deteriorated to small drips.
Second, I went in for exploratory surgery, removing the old braided intake hose (it was gross and had some rust) and did a little angioplasty by digging around in the pipe itself. A crusty bit of calcium buildup flipped out of the pipe and I thought it would be golden. A shiny new, stainless steel, braided intake hose was attached, the patient was taken off bypass, but then… nothing. Zip. Nada. Dry.

So, I read about back flushing. I placed a penny and plumber’s putty inside the aerator and replaced it on the spout. Then I opened the hot water faucet in the bathroom, went downstairs and successfully located the cold water shutoff to the water heater and turned it off. 🙂
I returned to the patient and turned both handles to the on position. I could feel the water running through the pipes and let it alone for a few minutes. Then I shut down all the faucets and opened the cold water at the water heater.

I removed the aerator, took a deep breath and turned the hot water handle and…….sputter, sputter, splash,
GUSH GUSH GUSH!!!!!!!!!!! Woot!

How much money did I save buying all the parts? Around 700% or so.
And for the time and labor? $ervice call, plus who knows how many hundreds they charge to turn handles and for the penny.

Now I have to put everything back from under the sink and get busy on some dishes. 😀

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The Bats Go Flying 2 by 2 Hoorah!

The brown bats have returned 🙂 There are two that fly past the street light, land on the huge oaks and scurry up. Kitteh has been sitting at the sliding door and in the window sill watching with her eyes bugging out. lol

Second year for the Bewick’s wrens. There are about a dozen who perch on a bush at back corner of the house. They’re so pretty.

I’ve only seen two baby chipmunks so far. I would like to hold them, but I doubt they’d let me ever. 🙂

There’s a big batch of loud, wheezy, screechy baby grackles and a few starling babies with huge eyes flying around after their mommas. I’m still waiting for the baby blue jays, cardinals, robins, black capped chickadees, flickers and hawks to show up.

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Police Grocery Shop in Uniform

Cranky cop in uniform at the grocery store. He wasn’t wearing his gun. He was looking at his honey-do list across the way by the sandwich meats and I was going to the cold juice sector when he all the sudden came toward me. I might have rolled my eyes at him as he approached ::cough cough::
He scowled at me and went on.

When I went to get in line to check out, he was at the back of the shortest line, so I went there. 🙂
The checker greeted him and the cop muttered something. The checker asked him if he was having a good day and the cop made a grumpy face and told him he just got off work.


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Puddle Goose

Geese in a parking lot by a thrift store. 🙂



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