Who’s The Real Idiot?

I hate zoos.

Chimp’s death at KC Zoo sparks changes in care
Animal’s death last year drew some federal scrutiny and sparked changes in care of the primates.

“When a male chimpanzee died last December at the Kansas City Zoo, an official said they were not sure why and might never know.

But an inspection by an animal-welfare agent discovered the primate had been starving and weighed less than 94 pounds, compared to the normal weight of about 150 pounds for an adult chimpanzee. The 13-year-old named Nusu had lost 37 percent of his body weight in about 20 months … .

Another adult male, named Josh, died in August 2010 from complications of high body heat and stress from being introduced to other male chimps.”

Then, in November of 2010, some people stole a meerkat from the zoo. Zoo director Gary Wisthoff made the following statements: A meerkat stolen from the Kansas City Zoo is back home, 11 days after he was taken by someone the zoo director can only describe as an “idiot.”
“They should feel lucky that they’re not all chewed to heck,” Wisthoff said with a laugh. “And hopefully they got all kinds of bite wounds on them and I hope they get infected and the person bleeds for a long time.”

What should people hope for Gary Wisthoff?


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