More FBI Faux Terrorism – Same Routine

If it’s a “terror plot” and the FBI posed as Al Quaeda, gave faux and real terrorist material support to a patsy, doesn’t that make the FBI the terrorists? Shouldn’t the JTTF be charged with attempting to use weapons of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support to a stupid person?

I’m curious to see if this guy will be the first to suffer the wrath of the NDAA.

This guy didn’t read all the other patsy stories from the past few years. It’s the same routine. Assumed plastic explosives in a van parked outside the target and a cell phone detonator. Wouldn’t real terrorists want to at least drive the van into the building and then blow themselves up along with it?
Bangladeshi man arrested after allegedly trying to blow up Fed building in NYC–174628031.html
Prosecutors say Nafis met the agent Wednesday morning and put the bomb inside a van before driving to the Fed building, assembling the detonator while he drove.

The pair parked the van by the Fed, got out and walked to a hotel, where Nafis covered his face, put on sunglasses and recorded a video statement he meant to be released after the attack. He then tried to detonate the bomb through a cell phone detonator, officials said.


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