How Do You Find Out For Sure?

If the FBI puts your name in the Terrorist Database and the police aren’t supposed to let you know, how does one find out for sure?
One way seems to be by getting a traffic ticket…

Welcome to the nominations club, James.

Police arrested a Charlotte activist Sunday for a traffic violation and sought to keep him in jail during the Democratic National Convention because an officer said he is an activist on a terrorist watch list, court documents show.
Chief District Judge Lisa Bell on Monday reduced the bond for James Ian Tyson, 27, from $10,000 – an unusually high amount for driving while license revoked – to $2,500.
He was released at about 8 p.m. Monday.
Tyson’s attorney, Derek Fletcher, said during a hearing Monday that officers wanted to keep Tyson in jail to restrict his speech, and that his $10,000 cash bond was excessive.
“The state wanted to keep my client in jail during the DNC so he couldn’t help organize any protests,” Fletcher told the Observer. “I informed the judge it appeared to me that the state was trying to suppress my client from exercising his rights to speak during the DNC.”
After he was released from jail, Tyson read a statement, saying his arrest was politically motivated.

Bell said she had initially approved the $10,000 bond “based on the alarming information” the magistrate received when Tyson was arrested.

What’s more alarming is to know you’re on “the list” just for attending or organizing protests.
Name on watch list stuns local activist James Ian Tyson: ‘I am not a terrorist’

Tyson told the Observer Tuesday he was shocked to learn that he was on a terrorist watch list.
“They have no reason to have me on that list,” Tyson said. “I haven’t done anything remotely criminal involving politics.
“No one knows how you get on this list … or the accountability process or, most importantly, how they get off this list.”

A 2009 audit, conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General, found a high error rate among the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

You get nominated by an FBI agent is how you get placed on the list.
This document from the DOJ explains their arbitrary reasons for nominating people and groups who are not violent or who pose no threat. Guilt by association, protesting, leafleting, not liking your Constitutional protections violated, not liking other people’s rights violated, filming/photographing law enforcement, etc. can/will get you put on the list. Definitely you will know you’re on the list when the FBI follows you around and finally shows up on your porch.

“We found that the FBI failed to nominate many subjects in the terrorism investigations that we sampled, did not nominate many others in a timely fashion, and did not update or remove watchlist records as required,” the Inspector General report (.pdf) said. “We believe that the FBI’s failure to consistently nominate subjects of international and domestic terrorism investigations to the terrorist watchlist could pose a risk to national security.”
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), a longtime civil liberties advocate, took issue with the nation’s premier law enforcement agency letting innocent citizens languish on a secret list.

I believe Special Agent Kreepy will keep me on the watchlist so he will have a seemingly valid excuse to use his surveillance as a cover for voyeurism.


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