US Attorney David Hickton Thinks He’s Finally Found The Right Button

Habitual hoaxer/Unabomber wannabe gets a waiver from the no fly list, a free one-way trip to America and a doesn’t even need a passport.

FBI: Man in Ireland charged with Pitt bomb threats

A founding member of a Scottish terror group was indicted Wednesday on charges he emailed bomb threats that disrupted campus life and forced the evacuation of more than 100 buildings on the University of Pittsburgh campus earlier this year.
Adam Stuart Busby, 64, of Dublin, Ireland, was charged Wednesday with 17 emailed threats sent to the school between April 6 and 21, and also with emailed bomb threats against federal courthouses in Pittsburgh, Erie and Johnstown in June. He’s also charged with threatening Pittsburgh-based U.S. Attorney David Hickton – who led the investigation that resulted in Busby’s indictment – in a June 20 email.
Federal prosecutors also announced new charges against two Ohio men, including one previously charged in June, for some YouTube threats that claimed university computers had been hacked. Those threats are not directly related to the bomb scares, but were uncovered as a result of the same investigation.—police-say-motive-unknown-166522946.html

In 2010, Busby was sentenced to four years in prison in Ireland after he sent emails saying there were explosives on flights between London’s Heathrow Airport and New York City. He was released earlier this year, and it is believed he sent the Pittsburgh threats before he returned to prison in July.


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7 Responses to US Attorney David Hickton Thinks He’s Finally Found The Right Button

  1. Color me furious!

    Yesterday, the U.S.Attorney for Western Pennsylvania, David Hickton. released three indictments. They charge Adam Busby, a Scot, in prison in Ireland with bomb threats made against the University of Pittsburgh main campus in the Oakland section of city and the federal court houses in Pittsburgh, Erie, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania and with threatening Hickton’s own life. Busby is the founder of the Scottish National Liberation Army (SN LA), the Scottish Republican Socialist Party (SSRP) and the Scottish Separation Group (SSG).

    I became aware of Scottish Republic Socialist Party when I was spending a good deal of time in Ireland, Ulster, Scotland, and Britain in the 1980’s. They would show up at “Troops Out” rallies on both sides of the Atlantic with their literature which proclaimed the benefits of “revolutionary socialism”. Most of the people demonstrating to have Britain remove its troops from Ulster wanted a peaceful solution and not another guerrilla campaign, civil war, or bombing campaign.The Scottish Republican Socialist Party was modelled on Irish Republican Socialist Party, which was the political arm Irish National Liberation Army. As both parties had no use for electoral activity, except as propaganda tool and favoured armed struggle, I had no use for either group.Violence was what we wanted to end!.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) became keenly aware of Adam Busby and his various groups when the SSG launched plethora of Anthrax hoaxes that shut down British consular offices, British businesses, and American companies trading in British goods. The hoaxes came in 2000 and cost millions of dollars in losses as building were closed and searched. The SNLA for a small grouping were a very busy bunch of terrorists, or freedom fighters, if you prefer. They sent letter bombs to then Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and Lady Diana Spenser. Despite many members being jailed and few going “supergrass”, i.e. turning Queen’s Evidence the group continued. They sent caustic soda disguise as massage oil to Cherie Blair, the wife of PM Tony Blair, they threatened to poison London’s water supply. They set numerous fires, one which was an attempt on the life of Roy Jenkins, founder and first leader of British Social Democratic Party.

    After the “Good Friday Accords” of April 1998, the INLA joined the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PRIA) in the cease fire. The SNLA found a new ally in the Real Irish Republican Army( RIRA). These were the people responsible for Omagh ,County Tyrone bombing that killed 29 people in August, 1998. The RIRA soon fell victim to supergrass informants as well. Adam Busby and the few SNLA members left continued to make threats. Busby’s son, Adam Jr, is now serving six years in a Scottish prison for threatening the lives if Scottish public officials. Adam Sr. was sentenced this July to four years in an Irish prison for threatening to blow up international airliners leaving London’s Heathrow airport.

    So prosecutor Hickton has his man. He cannot really explain why a Scot living Dublin had problems with the University of Pittsburgh. Hickton cannot tell us how Busby had an intimate knowledge of the Pitt campus. Hickton cannot explain why Busby wanted to blow up the federal courthouse in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I doubt most people living here in Johnstown know there is a federal courthouse in town. As the Irish Constitution does not allow extradition on political crimes or even common law crimes is political crimes may be charged it is likely no one will ever ask Busby these questions. For more Information on Busby and the SNLA see:

    I however have some questions for Mr. Hickton. If. as he says. Busby was under surveillance since April, then why in April did the U.S.Attorney’s order twelve gun wielding members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force( JTTF) to enter our home and hold my partner, Seamus Johnston. and myself in fear of our lives for three hours. The FBI had asked to examine our computers. This computer belongs to the Social Democrats, USA-Socialist Party, USA and I insisted on a warrant and affidavit of probable cause, as the Fourth Amendment demands, before I turned it over to federal agents. Seamus felt the same way about his laptop. When we were subpoenaed to appear before the Federal Grand Jury that indicted Busby, we brought the computers with us. All the FBI had to do was hand us a warrant and affidavit of probable cause, but they said they had no warrant. We said when they had a warrant to call ahead and we would have the computers waiting for them. Instead of sending one agent with a piece of paper, they decided to send twelve armed to the teeth. We never got a warrant until after the first search. We were informed that affidavit of probable cause was under seal, legalese for secret. Well there is not reason to keep a secret now, is there Mr. Hickton?. The only reason to keep it secret now would be if you wanted to hide negligence, or just plain skulduggery. I assume even the agents of the FBI understand the difference between the descendant of the Party of Eugene Debs, Mother Jones, Norman Thomas, and Bayard Rustin and the “revolutionary socialism” of SNLA. Well they should now. The second time they came back and I was dragged naked from my bathtub and thrown barely clothed outside they took and entire box of our literature.They all so took all the rough drafts of Seamus and my suit against the University of Pittsburgh. You would not have wanted to delay that suit Mr. Hickton? I realize your wife sits on Pitt’s Board of Trustees and you are close friends with Pitt’s general counsel, Jerome Cochran. You would not let personal concerns influence you. Mr. Hickton please tell Seamus and me where we can recover our pride, privacy, and get the problems you caused fixed. How about the organization and its members that you so maligned ? Any suggestions as how we fix the frayed nerves that come with government “red raids”

    I guess we need to use the courts to get those answers don’t we?

    Dr. Katherine Anne McCloskey-Ross, PhD.
    director, Social Democrats, USA-Socialist Party, USA
    Social Democrat, Pan-Celticist, and Pacifist
    814 262 8941

  2. TripodMA says:
    “V. Rule 41(d)’s Service Requirement

    The government violated F.R.Cr.P. 41(d) by failing to present Gantt with a complete copy of the warrant at the outset of the search of her apartment. Gantt was not served with the complete warrant until after she was arrested and taken to an FBI office, hours after the search of her apartment began and hours after she requested to see the warrant.7 Rule 41(d) provides in pertinent part: “the officer taking property under the warrant shall give to the person from whom or from whose premises the property was taken a copy of the warrant and a receipt for the property taken or shall leave the copy and receipt at the place from which the property was taken

    VII. Conclusion
    The agents violated Rule 41(d)’s requirement that a warrant be served upon a person present at the search of her property at the time of execution absent some exigent circumstance. The violation was deliberate, so suppression is required under Rule 41(d) regardless of the dictates of the Fourth Amendment. Because errors in the execution of warrants are solely in the province of agents, the good-faith exception has no applicability. The decision of the district court to suppress the evidence seized at Gantt’s apartment is AFFIRMED.”

    They kinda suck.

    Let me know if you hear from Hickton about releasing you two from the intrusive harassment of the grand jury. I suppose they have to get Busby to rat out his Pennsylvania felt pen wielding scribe before they leave you the heck alone.

    • redkatieanne says:

      Why would they leave us alone? I imagine they will claim that Seamus and I are part of the Scottish Liberation Militia the SNLA’s American arm. My cousin tells me we actually met Mr, Busby once. As Larry lives in London he would likely remember the man who tried to poison the city’s drinking water more than I would. As he and his henchmen might have killed members of my family, Busby is a very bad man in my view.

      In case it is not obvious, this is a desperation move on Hickton’s part. Busby is out of prison for three months and he uses that time to play “Silly Buggers” with the University of Pittsburgh. I just do not think so. Busby cannot be extradited to another country to face “political charges” without a change in the Irish Constitution. Even then Britain would likely get him first as he tried to murder two Prime Ministers. Busby is already wanted by the U.S. for the 2000 Anthrax scares. If the Irish did not extradite him then, why now? He will never even be questioned on the Pitt matters. Busby is a “nutter” but one with a cause. He hates the English and wants them out of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, and likely England. He, his son, and most of his close friends have done serious time trying to re-fight the battle of Culloden Moor. Most SNLA funding comes from the U.S. and Canada. The guy is a lunatic but s single minded one.He is not going to jeopardize his standing in North American to play pratt.

      The FBI is well aware that neither Seamus nor I could have been in Pittsburgh in February.

      I think by now every knows the bomb threats came from the office of the University’s general counsel, Jerome Cochran. He has all but seized control of the University since they began. Cochran and Hickton are close friends. When I started to call Cochran on his roll in the threats, little more than a week later Busby is indited. The Gurda, Special Dectives Unit, MI5, and the FBI have watched Busby around the clock for since 2000. Now been jail terms they catch him playing pranks. Give us beark!

      All the Best,


  3. TripodMA says:
    I cannot believe this guy. He has MS, uses a wheelchair and he’s 64 years old.
    He was out of prison from January – July which would have given him the opportunity. His previous internet threats were made from a public library, so maybe they’ve gone back to that same library and scraped their servers and actually found that he e-mailed the threats. He probably Skyped any phone threats. Yes, it looks doubtful he’ll be bowing down before the presence of the FBI and Hickton on US soil, but if the person who left the written threats is still in the US, Hickton would be so happy to nab them. When that happens, you two can get some rest.
    But, it’s true…they will pop up now and again. They never truly go away.

    • Everything Busby has done was for the cause of Celtic nationalism. Adam Busby, Jr, used his own cell phone to make threats to public officials in Scotland. These people are not geniuses. They are fanatics. Hickton will not even speculate as to motive. Yet it element he would need to prove at trial. The speculation among Pittsburgh journalists is that elder Busby read about the written threats and then began the email threats. Why? What does this have to do with separating Scotland from Britain?
      The only connection I can even imagine, is that U.S. ambassador to Ireland is Dan Rooney. Rooney owns the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only tenet the Steelers have at Heinz Field is the University of Pittsburgh Panthers football team That is an extreme reach.

      Still, unless, Busby plans on being a ward of Irish Republic for the rest of his life, why would he risk contributions from North America? What could he gain, practice at being a pain in the arse? .

  4. TripodMA says:

    Ohhhhhhh the Dan Rooney connection makes sense.

    I don’t know a thing about the public health care system over there as it applies to felons…but I wonder if he would be ineligible for health care out in the regular world. Maybe he did all that just to get put back in prison so he could get health care, food, a place to live. hmmmmmm

    OMG his son is such a dolt to use his own cell phone. Well, it’s good he was so dumb. He should be listed on darwin awards dot com if he’s not already.

  5. It is truly hard to believe someone makes terroristic threats with his own cell phone but: and

    The Irish public health system is very good in my opinion. Of course the worst thing I was treated for was bronchitis. No one choose prison just to get health care, in Ireland. That only happens in the U.S..However, saying the SNLA members are not Mensa members is like pointing that no one in the Nazi inner circle was a scholar.

    These people are single minded and ruthless. The Republican Revenge Group, Members of SNLA and some disaffected members of the Irish National Literation Army nearly poisoned London’s water supply .

    My opinion remains that Hickton is covering both his own errors and those of Pitt officials by indicting a man who will never see the inside of an American courtroom.

    I just need to find a way to explain to Americans if the Busbys are socialists and I am socialist that does not make us the same. THE SNLA tried to kill Roy Jenkins, the founder of British Social Democratic Party, and Gordon Brown, the former leader of the British Labour Party. Jenkins was until his death a socialist and Brown remains a socialist.

    This seems to me to be a “false flag” attack. Mi5 has never hesitate to create evidence were none existed. Look at the cases of the Guilford Four, the Maguire Seven, and Birmingham Six. Not an Provo or any other kind of bomb maker in the bunch. They all did long stretches in British prison’s though. I can easily see MI5 and FBI hatching this little story and the Guarda standing idly by.

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