Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bamboo, Machete

Bamboo for the win!
Machete, bamboo spear used in fight between neighbors

Keeping up on your bo staff skills is always important. 😀

What do you do when confronted by a neighbor armed with a machete? Grab your bamboo spear, naturally.

A fight between neighbors turned violent when witnesses said a man pulled out a machete at a Gresham apartment complex Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called to an apartment complex near the intersection of East Burnside Street and 162nd Avenue Wednesday afternoon.
Neighbors said the man with the machete confronted his neighbor during an argument. The man’s neighbor then grabbed a bamboo spear from his apartment.
Witnesses said the men began swinging the weapons at each other in the courtyard of the apartment complex.
“They got up close to each other and the guy with the machete made another gesture and that’s when the guy with the stick clocked him right in his jaw,” said Wilbert Reed, who witnessed the fight. “He spun around and fell onto his own machete.”


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I went to protests and all I got was this lousy surveillance. Proud parking lot naturalist. My Awards: Time Magazine Person of the Year! 2011 Recipient of the distinguished FBI Out-And-About & Home Visit award FBI Associates Program Nominee 2009-2010 County Parks Taxidermy Squirrel recipient 2009-2010 Don’t Eff With Me and I Won’t Eff With You certificate 2010
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2 Responses to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bamboo, Machete

  1. I have a spear, but nothing beats my two and half foot bastard sword for pesky neighbors. I don’t even need to swing toward them, just practice in the backyard. By the way its a bastard sword because it is neither a two handed claymore, nor a one handed broad sword. It even frightens the FBI when they drop by.

  2. TripodMA says:

    lol be careful now!

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