Domain Awareness System

NYPD unveils new high-tech system to track crime and terrorism

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“The system allow us to connect the dots by instantly tapping into details of crime records, 911 calls, license plate readers and more,” NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.
Although the Domain Awareness System was introduced to the media on Wednesday, it has been in use the last six months.
In one instance, authorities used it to follow up a 911 call regarding a suspicious package.
The NYPD Director of Policy and Planning for the Counter Terrorism Bureau Jessica Tisch demonstrated the system and showed how, “with the click of one button, I can call up all cameras within 500 feet” of the incident.
The system can be used to review footage recorded earlier to learn more about who left the package on the street. Authorities say all camera feeds are saved for 30 days before they are erased.

Almost like Person of Interest come true.

Well, on one hand, if someone leaves a bomb or whatever…police won’t have to manually search from camera feed to camera feed to track the person coming and leaving to their next destination…

On the other…what if you see a crime on the street, but don’t want to be identified as the 911 caller, so you *67 on your celly before you dial 911:
Will the police use the Domain Awareness System to hunt you down, question you and force you to be a witness in court or else be held in contempt?

Speaking of being held in contempt:
GOP lawmakers file suit against Holder seeking ‘Furious’ documents

In the lawsuit, lawyers representing House Republicans said Attorney General Eric Holder’s “intransigency” and “contumacious refusal” to comply with a House subpoena have prevented congressional investigators from determining whether the Justice Department intentionally tried to obstruct their investigation.

After President Obama asserted executive privilege over the documents nearly two months ago, the full House, mostly along party lines, held Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress. But with a Holder ally as the gatekeeper to criminal proceedings in Washington, the criminal contempt citation was virtually dead on arrival. So now Republicans are hoping a judge will enforce the civil contempt citation.


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