Gross – What’s In Your Hand Towel?

“So, just think about it. You wash your hands and you dry it in the towel and then maybe you had some e-coli or salmonella on there and they get into the towel. It’s wet. It’s moist. They grow. You may start out with a few, but in a few days you’ve got millions is what we found out,” said Gerba.

What kinds of germs? Gerba said he tested 500 towels from across the United States and Canada.

“Actually, they’re loaded with fecal bacteria. E-coli are very common in high numbers. And in some towels, we even found salmonella bacteria,” said Gerba. “So really, every time you think you’re wiping your face off, you’re putting your face in a towel full of e-coli – you might as well stick your head in a toilet and flush it.”

Now I understand why my mom had a bazillion of those hand towels, assigned a certain color or pattern (for the color blind) to each kid and changed them out each day. I thought she was a little neurotic about it, but she was keeping us from having poop face! 😀


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