Adventures in Crime Dot

Wyandotte county is sometimes known as Crime Dot.
Kansas City, Kansas, located in this county, has had its share of problems with power mongering police officers and corruption, but this is the screwiest thing yet.

They didn’t dust for prints? or make a report about the burglary? at this woman’s home and when she calls the next day to report shooting at a back yard trespasser they retaliate by writing their own report in their own words making it possible to charge her for protecting herself. geez

“Right now I’m really pissed,” said Beck.

It was early Saturday when Beck says she saw a stranger climbing over her backyard fence. Beck says when he lunged at her, she shot at him with the .22 pistol she happened to be carrying.

“I actually thought I hit him, ” said Beck. She didn’t, but she was on certainly on edge after what happened the night before. Beck says someone was breaking into her basement while another man was at her side door.

She says that her dog chased the intruder out of her basement and the other man ran.

Kansas City, Kansas, Police officers responded to the burglary, but Beck says they didn’t dust for fingerprints and police admit that they didn’t even write a report until the next day when Beck called them again, after shooting at the stranger on the fence.

“I’m relieved I had my gun, because if not I don’t know what would’ve happened to me,” said Beck.

So Beck wasn’t at all happy when FOX 4 told her police records indicate she’d been given a summons for criminal use of a weapon. A KCK Police Department public information officer told FOX 4 that according to their report, Beck told police she fired the weapon into the ground after the man turned to run away – something Beck denies saying.


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