When You Accuse You Lose

FBI Private Face: Daniel, we know you killed Elizabeth and Lyric. We have proof.
Family Members Tell All to the Media.
Daniel gets an attorney.
FBI Public Face Saving Action: We think they’re still alive.

Investigators believe missing Iowa girls are alive

“Authorities searching for two missing Iowa cousins have information that leads them to believe both girls are still alive, an FBI spokeswoman said Saturday.

FBI spokeswoman Sandy Breault said authorities “feel strongly” that 10-year-old Lyric Cook-Morrissey and 8-year-old Elizabeth Collins have not been killed. She refused to say what led authorities to that conclusion,… .”

Could it be because cadaver dogs didn’t indicate at the lake or at anyone’s home or vehicle who is currently suspect, and they’ve apparently found no bodies in the landfill?
Could it also be because that statement tends to make it look like Daniel Morrissey was lying when he told family members he was accused of killing the girls and that they so graciously told the media?
This is the same routine police and the FBI used when Lisa Irwin went missing.

Breault said investigators are interviewing multiple “persons of interest” in the case, whom she declined to identify. She said authorities are still receiving tips on the case, mostly from within the area.

Authorities have said they are watching Lyric’s father, Daniel Morrisey, although they have not named him as a suspect.

Morrisey, 36, has a long criminal history and has stopped cooperating with police. Breault said the lack of cooperation from some family members has hindered the investigation.

The multiple persons of interest would be family members…especially Daniel Morrissey.
The lack of cooperation (in FBI terminology) from the Morrisseys isn’t lack of cooperation at all. It’s their right to obtain legal advice and put that advice into action, and any good attorney would tell them to stop speaking to law enforcement and the FBI and not to take polygraphs.
Again, this is the same routine police and the FBI used when Lisa Irwin went missing.

I think it’s a really interesting trend lately where more persons of interest are telling the media what the interrogation questions are.

The 100% they’re looking for seems to be a confession from Daniel Morrissey.
“The father of one of the girls stormed out of a long interview with authorities on Tuesday after law enforcement officials accused him of killing Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins, 8, the girls’ grandmother said.”

“They have accused (Dan Morrissey). They said they have evidence. Well we all know if that was the truth they’d already have Dan locked up.”


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