Speaking of

the same type personality or way of being. I ran into someone yesterday who is a work of art.

She had lied to her mother and step-father about a law suit she said she was going to file and said she going to win. I knew when she told be the basis of the suit and the dollar amount that she was FOS because you can’t sue a physician for more than X amount anymore. The state statutes won’t allow it. Further more, she was so much at fault for not taking care of the “wound” like she was told to and given written instructions about.

So with this huge lie she told her mom and step-dad (her mom’s English and hearing aren’t good and her step-dad can’t keep up with her BS) she convinced them to fork over about ten thousand in materials paid to HER (not the materials supply stores) for remodeling her mom’s house where she lives too…with a promise to pay them back!

Even with her “wound” she was able to rewire, install gas lines, cut cement, pour cement, hang cabinets, install a complete bathroom, stud and drywall three rooms, plus lay carpet and tile for HER basement lair. I wonder how much she overcharged them for the materials and how much she pocketed.

Currently, she’s baby sitting three kids. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but they’re socially unresponsive. They have dirty look ghetto glare, don’t smile and don’t talk. Maybe she gives them alcohol or blows pot smoke in their faces. It wouldn’t surprise me.

When I asked how was her mom and step-dad she said her mom had been sick with some respiratory thing. Then she said, “I had to put my step-dad in a nursing home”. SHE put her step-dad in a nursing home? I looked at her funny. She changed that to, “He had knee surgery and needed to be in a rehab center for a couple of weeks”. She’s such a dramatist and faux savior of the infirm. That’s not the first time she told a tale of someone else where she claimed to have had powers to hospitalize them.

She never seems to have a pay stub type job. I think she was born in Tanzania. Maybe she never became a citizen and has been floating around here all these years. Most of those years she’s been floating around high…that’s for sure.


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