TV Commercials

I don’t pay much attention to them, but one night a new one was on for a grocery store, so I watched.

It’s a montage of different employees and toward the end….::drum roll::…there is a deaf man who is using SEE (Signed Exact English/Signing Exact English).

I see him sign the alphabetical form of the word “I” and the SEE sign for the verb “am” and then the rest.
I almost fell over! I was like wow how cool is that!?

It’s really weird to see anyone use sign language on a TV commercial let alone use SEE. The only other commercial I’ve seen with deaf people was for a video phone and the actors used ASL.

As for TV shows, I watched Marlee Matlin and her interpreter Jack Jackson when they appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.
Then there was the CSI episode entitled The Two Mrs. Grissoms.

PBS has shown Signs of the Time and Deaf Jam.

And Dr. Wonder’s Workshop, a show for kids, is broadcast on one of the Christian channels.

I wish there were more shows with deaf actors.


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