Ronald Poppo/PCP Sammiches/Shellie Zimmerman/BATS!

Graphic photos at the link. Don’t scroll past the grey box with “HOW YOU CAN HELP” if you don’t want to see the pics.
New Ronald Poppo Photos Released; Doctors Say Face-Chewing Victim ‘Doing Well’

“He’s pleased to report to all of you that he’s feeling well, he’s eating, he’s walking around with physical therapy, he’s talking with us,” said University of Miami trauma surgeon Nicholas Namias, co-director of JMH’s Ryder Trauma Center. “He’s had quite a bit of surgery already.”

I hope he can get his teeth worked on as soon as he’s all healed. Bonus step to having an even better life.
Torina Gutierrez Accused Of Giving 6-Year-Old Daughter PCP Sandwich

What tasted like “fireworks” to a 6-year-old girl was actually PCP, according to police.
Torina Gutierrez is accused of putting the drug, often called angel dust, in her 6-year-old daughter’s sandwich last month.

Shellie Zimmerman Arrested: George Zimmerman’s Wife Charged With Perjury

The charges stem from what prosecutors have described as a series of lies and distortions made by the couple during an earlier bond hearing in April, when George Zimmerman and his family claimed they were broke.
Shellie Zimmerman had transferred more than $74,000 from her husband’s account to her own.

There were a total of eight transfers, according to the documents — four transfers in the amount of $9,990, two for $9,999, and two others for $7,500. Even after Zimmerman’s release, the large transfers of cash continued. On April 24, Shellie Zimmerman transferred more than $85,000 from her account to her husband’s.

What will Shellie do? Will she try cyberbegging for her own legal fund?

So, did he instruct her about the transferring of less than 10K amounts the court wouldn’t find out? One or both knew about the mandatory reporting required of the bank for 10K and above to the IRS/DHS/FBI is why she took the $9,999 amounts. And what’s up with the passport convo? And why were they so stupid to talk about anything on the jail phone?
The bat is flying around in the back yard! He/she is beautiful. Big wings and a fuzzy belly…it got that close to me.


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