It’s Like Sniffing Demons Up Your Nose

Sister Suggests ‘Bath Salts’ Could be Behind Blue Springs Murder-Suicide

Jessy Letellier, 23, his 22-year-old girlfriend Lindsey Money, their two-year-old daughter Jazmine and her four-year-old sister Shenayah were all killed in May.  Lindsey’s mom found all four of them dead in Lindsey’s duplex.  But what Scott found may shed some light on that tragic night.

Scott said she went to Jessy’s apartment to try and figure out what could have happened.

“I was looking in all the drawers and cabinets, and I found that next to a rolled up dollar bill and also a package of the synthetic marijuana with a foil pipe,” she said. “It was in the silverware drawer in the kitchen.”

“That” is “99 MPH.”  The label reads “metal cleaner,”  but after a quick search on the Internet, Scott said it’s one of many synthetic drugs that fall under the street name of “bath salts.”



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