In San Francisco It’s OK to Beat Your Child and Leave Bruises

“…the jury deliberated for less than three hours before concluding that 32-year-old Allan Rivera was within his parental rights when he physically disciplined the boy because the spankings did not seriously endanger his son’s health.
Rivera was arrested after the child’s mother, who was in a custody dispute with Rivera, reported finding bruises on her son.
The boy told his mother that his father had taken a belt to him on March 11 when he refused to get ready for church and again at church because he wasn’t paying attention.”

This jury has made it OK for any other parent to use a belt and/or leave bruises on their child because it ‘doesn’t seriously endanger a child’s health’.
Thanks to these people, they’ve created a human and legal concept that makes it acceptable for a “parent” to be brutal and violent.

How will it go for next parent to be (at least) arrested for breaking their child’s arm for not getting ready or for not paying attention? A twist that causes a spiral fracture doesn’t seriously endanger your health. It’s painful and it heals, but will this be acceptable now? I should hope not.

I’ve never understood why it is legally “acceptable” for parents to be violent to their children, yet if they performed the same action on another adult it would be assault/battery/abuse.
If one adult hit another with a belt or anything else they would go to jail.


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