The FBI – Archie Bunker In Charge

Where animal and environmental rights activists are concerned – they are indicating that the use FOIA is an example of “intelligence gathering”. Gosh, that rings a bell. Golly, where have I heard about gathering intelligence before…hmm…that’s right, it’s from the PSA about The Seven Signs of Terrorism!

So is Eric Holder going to slant that now and twist the legal meaning and legal application to he can try to stick it to people who have done nothing but exercise their Constitutional Rights and who have requested FOIA materials?

The release of these new FBI training materials makes clear that the FBI must conduct a more comprehensive review of both counterterrorism training and intelligence materials to remove factually flawed and biased information, which in turn results in biased, improper, and ineffective FBI investigations and intelligence activities.

Oh, even though this FBI packet is racist and ridiculous in general, I like this one pageon Interaction with the Opposite Sex where it has “Be Professional!” This should apply to ALL agents who come in contact with anyone.

Sorry to see they didn’t list
-Men, Don’t Stare at Women’s Breasts or Buttocks (but if you do, don’t let her catch you doing it). That would be great advice for someone to give to Special Agent Kreepy. That way he wouldn’t have to get all fidgety, look at his feet and dart his eyes off to the side and try to fish out his credentials with his hands all shaky like he did. lol

OMG there’s another page referencing being professional and courteous. This should be taught to apply to ALL people an agent comes in contact with.
This would be especially good advice for Special Agent Mikey to follow.
More links and thoughts on the FBI’s extremist ideologies:


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