Has This Done Any Good?

No word on yesterday’s grand jury proceedings yet, but I found this article on the FBI investigation and how it affected the people and service at May First/People Link. And true…it was very strange the FBI would reinstall the server and the best guess is to assume they had installed some sort of real-time tracing software or a worm that would go back through all the different anonymizing servers ultimately tracing the source of the e-mails.

Bonus points of professionalism for these agents: They showed their ID right away and didn’t have to be asked over and over like I had to ask Special Agent Mikey and Special Agent Kreepy.

The FBI took — and mysteriously returned — their server. Here’s their story

McClelland was on a conference call in MayFirst/PeopleLink’s Brooklyn office — which is in the same building where Lopez and his wife live — on April 11 when he saw two men in suits standing at the door.
“I thought they were Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I joked with people on the call that it was the FBI,” he said. Moments later, it was no joke.
The agents flashed their badges and asked if they could come in; McClelland refused. They asked if they could step into the vestibule. He refused again.
“I had had some rudimentary training,” he said. “It certainly had occurred to us that we might some day get a visit from the FBI given the nature of what we do. But this wasn’t what I expected. I was surprised at how easy it was to say ‘no’ to them…There was no intimidation, none of that. The agent appeared more nervous than me, and I was pretty nervous.”


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