Aisha Khan Gives the FBI Lots More To Do

Salman Khan said he came home and found everything that was in his garage out in the driveway.
“The FBI told me we are under investigation,” Salman Khan said, saying that agent suggested the items might be forgeries.
Khan said the items aren’t his. He said they belong to his bosses.
“I don’t know. I only with them,” he said.
Khan said he can’t go back inside the house until the FBI completes its investigation.

His “boss” is, Amanat Khan, Aisha’s father, and if the media is correct, that makes Amanat … Salman’s father!

When Aisha Khan went “missing” by faking her own disappearance which brought police and the FBI into the fold…the hours and hours of interviews of family members and of Aisha by police and the FBI gave the FBI a shit load of intel on her family. I knew they were going to use the opportunity to get information on the Muslim community and her family.

Now, it’s retribution time from police/FBI for the hundreds of man hours wasted chasing a ghost.

Although her family members Salman and Amanat and Imran may be doing something dishonest themselves, I’m betting Aisha will bear the brunt of the blame.

But for Aisha’s shenanigans, the police and especially the FBI would probably not have been investigating her father and brothers.

The danger of crying wolf…if her family ends up killing her for causing them trouble, there will either be a terse look into it by police if someone reports her missing again or perhaps nobody at all will call police to report her missing.
Maybe the FBI should check on her now and again just to make sure she’s not been made disappeared…for real.

Khan is the brother of Aisha Khan, the Overland Park, Kan., teenager who disappeared in December from the KU Edwards Campus. After a week of searching, Aisha was found unharmed, and it was determined that she had left on her own free will.

Khan told 41 Action News the family had been running a clothing business for two years, and their merchandise is legitimate. He said he would be working with the FBI to prove that their items are not counterfeit.



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