Lisa Irwin – New Lead to Follow or Hopeful Hallucination?

The importance of making screen captures and sending the page to print…or…how not to look like you’re a liar or a crazy person.
Maybe they had a computer virus and his debit card info was stolen…not his actual debit card.
Lisa Irwin’s parents hope fraudulent debit card charge leads to break in case of missing daughter

Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley tell NBC News Jeremy’s debit card was stolen about a month after Lisa disappeared, and according to Jeremy, a fraudulent charge made on the account was to an overseas company that changes baby’s names for a small fee.

Kansas City Police tell NBC News they are investigating the $69.04 charge, but it appears to be nothing more than stolen card numbers.

During the interview, Ann Curry said an NBC producer looked at the charges on Jeremy Irwin’s credit card, and they appear to lead to a website for a stationary paper company.

“I don’t know why it takes you there now,” Jeremy Irwin responded, “but when we first found out about this in December, that’s where it used to go was the website where you can change someone’s name online.”

To see more of what Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley had to say, plus why their attorney believes police did not follow up with potential leads in the case as well as they could have, watch the video below or visit

Faux KC explains the situation with more detail. Weird Internet thing…yup. At least the atty and PI made a screen capture. geeez.
Baby Lisa’s Parents: Fraudulent Debit Card Charge Not Fully Investigated
“It used to go to the name-changing website,” Irwin said. “There’s something weird going on there where it doesn’t go directly there anymore, so there’s some kind of weird Internet thing going on.”

Tacopina said back in November he and his investigators captured the page advertising the name changing service and turned it over to the FBI.

“The cache, the page that we caught in November, when looking at this, when we found the credit card company, was a website that actually advertised ‘change your child’s name.’ I saw that myself,” Tacopina said. “Our investigators have seen it, we’ve turned it over to the FBI.”


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