Pain Compliance – LRAD

NATO Summit in Chicago will use Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) to cause pain to anti-war protesters. They claim it’s so they can be heard (like telling people to get off the street…which is understandable) … but the other component of the LRAD is the loud, squealing raygun sound it emits. It’s not just a sound that hurts your ears, it hurts your body, causes hearing loss, tinnitus, and who knows what it could do to unborn children.
The government and Pentaversities will deny it harms anyone, of course.
Better Hearing Institute Condemns Use of Sound Cannons (LRAD’s) for Crowd Control during Chicago’s May NATO Summit

Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D. Executive Director of the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) expressed concern over the use of these devices. “For more than 40 years the BHI has promoted better hearing and hearing conservation. Exposure to noise is one of the key sources of hearing loss. The LRAD’s power lies in its ability to emit sound in narrow 30-degree “beams” as if it were traveling through a “sound tunnel.” Set at 150 decibels, the sounds can reach a target as much as 1,600 feet away. The human threshold for pain is between 110 and 120 decibels. Any exposure to the device at its maximum power could cause irreversible damage to the ears since the sound exceeds that of a jet engine taking off or a gun shot near a person’s ear; in addition it can result in debilitating tinnitus (ringing in the ears).” For reference see the BHI Noise thermometer at:


Carl Gruenler, former vice president of military and government operations for American Technology Corporation said that being within 100 metres (330 ft) of the LRAD is extremely painful, and that it was designed for use in short bursts at 300 metres (980 ft), to give targeted people a headache. He said that “you definitely don’t want to be” within 100 m; and, that the device will cause permanent auditory damage.[3] LRAD officials deny such common uses, claiming that the device is not a weapon, rather it is a “directed-sound communications system”, and that it can damage hearing at 15 metres (49 ft).[4]



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