Toddler Terrorism, Behavior Detection Officers and Degrees of Effort

While toddlers can be little terrors at times, this wee one was flagged.
Sue the TSA. Sue Janet Napolitano.

Agents from the transportation security agency (TSA) needed to speak to them.
“And I said for what? And he said well, it’s not you or your husband,” says Riyanna’s mother. “Your daughter was flagged as no fly. I said excuse me.”
“It’s absurd.”
“It made no sense.”
“Why would an 18 month old child be on a no fly list?” questions in Riyanna’s father.
Riyanna’s parents have asked us to not show their faces or use their names. They are afraid of repercussions because they believe this happened because they are both of Middle Eastern descent.
Riyanna’s parents say they were made to stand in the terminal while the TSA met with JetBlue, nobody explaining to them what was going on.
“We were put on display like a circus act because my wife wears a hijab,” the father explains.
About 30 minutes later, Riyanna’s parents were told they could re-board the plane but they say there was no apology, no explanation. They refused. They were too embarrassed. Now they want to know who’s responsible.
We called JetBlue and they said it’s a TSA issue.
TSA tells us it’s an airline issue and that since Riyanna and her parents all had boarding passes that means they had been cleared by TSA and were not on the no fly list.
“We were humiliated. We were embarrassed. We were picked on,” says the father.


The TSA employs “Behavior Detection Officers”. This is the human bad intent detection version of the up and coming ridiculousness of FAST aka Project Hostile Intent.

When Trooper Fred Guthrie and his working dog, Reed, went missing in the floods last year cadaver dogs were used. It wasn’t a ‘well, we’ll see..maybe we’ll search using only humans for one more day then call it quits’ situation like it seems to be for Jeffrey Bridge.

They should get a cadaver dog to search the banks. If the police won’t ask, I hope the family will contact MOSAR and the police to have MOSAR come out with their cadaver dogs.


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I went to protests and all I got was this lousy surveillance. Proud parking lot naturalist. My Awards: Time Magazine Person of the Year! 2011 Recipient of the distinguished FBI Out-And-About & Home Visit award FBI Associates Program Nominee 2009-2010 County Parks Taxidermy Squirrel recipient 2009-2010 Don’t Eff With Me and I Won’t Eff With You certificate 2010
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