CISPA – Share and Share Alike

As proposed, CISPA is designed designed to stop the ongoing cyber threats to big companies, including IBM, AT&T and Verizon, all of whom have expressed support for it. The bill would, among other things:
1. Allow Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to share information with the government, and vice versa, in order to prevent cyber attacks.
2. Grant ISP’s immunity from lawsuits if they voluntarily disclose customer information which they believe in good faith to be a security threat.

And how would that ISP come to believe in “good faith” their customer is a security threat? Because they will believe what’s told to them by Janet Napolitano’s underlings.
Janet Napolitano…gathering info on every person in the world…one country at a time.

“…to discuss a variety of issues including information sharing, trusted traveler programs, cybersecurity, countering violent extremism, combating transnational crime, and global supply chain security.
“Our partnership with Australia is growing deeper and stronger, as evidenced by the security-related statements signed today,” said Secretary Napolitano. “By enhancing collaboration between our two countries, we will continue to work together to develop a cooperative and global approach to the challenges and threats we all face.”

And of course they have to spy on Occupy people to make sure they don’t take over the world or something.

The materials show that DHS and other federal law enforcement agencies under DHS’s control received and disseminated numerous internal intelligence reports and threat bulletins about OWS’s activities and monitoring of the group was widespread.



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