Shareholding Protesters Stick It to the Power & Light Company


“Your greed has forced families to choose between food on the table and paying for our homes”

During the question and answer session, groups of five to seven protesters rose from their seats at various times to deliver speeches railing against what they consider the company’s corporate greed.

Each time it happened security personnel promptly directed them to leave.

Eventually, all 35 left the meeting peacefully and joined a group of approximately 200 additional protesters on the sidewalk outside.

The group maintains KCP&L makes millions in profits without paying any corporate income tax. The company disputes that assertion and claims the group is selectively interpreting tax data.

Talk about a company with employees who need to be scrutinized for company credit card usage, travel expenses, padding their overtime, and pilfering….oh did I just type that?

About TripodMA

I went to protests and all I got was this lousy surveillance. Proud parking lot naturalist. My Awards: Time Magazine Person of the Year! 2011 Recipient of the distinguished FBI Out-And-About & Home Visit award FBI Associates Program Nominee 2009-2010 County Parks Taxidermy Squirrel recipient 2009-2010 Don’t Eff With Me and I Won’t Eff With You certificate 2010
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