DNA Clears Wrongfully Convicted Man

Robert Dewey – a free man

A man who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole nearly 16 years ago may walk free Monday after being exonerated by a new analysis of DNA evidence.

Then-Mesa County District Judge Charles Buss, who handed down Dewey’s life sentence in 1995, reportedly said, “I am happy to impose it on you.”

Lucky he didn’t get convicted in Missouri. Chris Koster seems to be weaseling out of giving George Allen a fair shot with a new trial even where DNA testing showed NO PROFILE matching Allen and let’s not even go there about the lack of fingerprints belonging to Allen anywhere at the crime scene.
What’s wrong attorney Koster…isn’t there enough money in the MO coffers to pay Mr. Allen back for holding him hostage in the prison system?
Trivia: Look who was the attorney general in 1982.

But lawyers for the Innocence Project, a national not-for-profit that specializes in using DNA evidence to overturn wrongful convictions, have said police and lab documents that weren’t disclosed at trial showed that police found semen samples from two different men on the robe, and more sophisticated DNA tests completed last year ruled out Allen as a source.

Allen’s attorneys also noted that fingerprints in Bell’s apartment did not match Allen or her boyfriend. The lawyers said they were told for years that the fingerprints did not exist, and obtained them only under subpoena.

Koster’s response argues that the presence of another person’s fingerprints and semen does not exclude Allen.

I have a response, but it’s not a written response.


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