The Threateners

Did anyone ever tell you to ignore bad behavior? Looks like that’s the new plan.

The change also suggests that the university, known as Pitt, may be concerned that automatic evacuations could give the person or people responsible for the threats just what they want: the power to disrupt a large campus at will.


A group calling itself the “Threateners” says that it has stopped its bomb threats against the University of Pittsburgh because university officials have met its only demand, which was to withdraw the university’s offer of a $50,000 reward for information about the bomb threats.

They’re letting a little more info out bit by bit. Now they identify the communications as being made by a group?
And they call themselves the “Threateners”. Well, they are that.
And now for something completely different…
Cat typing:

One day I’ll see if she will type a whole lot of lines. She only seems to do that when I have Google opened and for some reason Google can’t ever find what she’s looking for. Poor kitteh.


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