Maybe This Will Please The Purveyor Of Threats

If transgender issues are the threat maker’s issues…
Pitt to form ad hoc committee for transgender policies

Michael Pinsky, president of the University Senate, met with Pitt’s Anti-Discriminatory Policies Committee (ADPC) multiple times over the course of the spring semester about gender-discriminatory issues. He then decided to create an ad hoc committee, based on a report generated from the ADPC’s research into transgendered facility use.

It could always be someone who didn’t want spring break to end.

Maybe they were failing and it would affect a scholarship/loan or they weren’t meeting mom and dad’s exacting educational standards so they thought they had to create a diversion to get an extension of time to do an assignment or what not.

Are they simply angry with the establishment or angry with an ex BF or GF who attends?
How about the person found sleeping in the Cathedral of Learning bathroom who was given a trespass warning February 6th? I wonder if they’re upset about losing a place to stay.

Ewwww and what about the foot toucher at the library February 10th? I’d definitely be worried and suspicious about that one. There’s someone worthy of a profiling for sure..but they weren’t caught. That’s really creepy.

There was an incident in December with a TSA screener and an out of towner. Could that be someone worth looking into?

There are so many people who’ve been warned and arrested, people who don’t belong on campus, etc. Why doesn’t the JTTF interview them? Why don’t they try to find the foot groper?


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