May First/People Link Obeys Subpoena in Pittsburgh Bomb Threat Case

They now claim they think they were hacked.

Meanwhile, Johnston and McCloskey are sitting in the hall with their computers in tow waiting for a warrant to be served for their property and their person.

Ms. McCloskey also said that she and Mr. Johnston want to make statements to the grand jury, but after two hours in a U.S. Courthouse waiting room had not yet been permitted to do so.
“We want to testify,” said Ms. McCloskey. “They won’t allow us to testify before the grand jury,” even though a subpoena they received indicated that they were being ordered to testify. “This is an exercise in harassment.”

It’s about answering carefully framed questions. No speeches allowed.
Because of the lack of probable cause to steal their computers, DNA, fingerprints and such, a grand jury is used in this case to perform a magic show. Investigators pick the most likely suspect and attribute a motive from the playbook to persuade the grand jury to indict, thereby gaining access to the persons and their property.

If investigators would have sat back a while and observed the two in question, they would be able to account for their whereabouts on days where written messages were left on campus. Like on April 12, after the FBI questioned the couple, where a message was found written on a wall in a stairwell at the Cathedral of Learning.
“… and the couple accused Cochran of unfairly singling them out.

Cochran said that the investigation is being conducted by FBI standards and is not an attempt by the University to intimidate the couple.

“It is not uncommon for individuals who become the subject of a criminal investigation to attempt to shift responsibility to others. Apparently, that is happening in this case. ….” Cochran said in an email.

Responsibility for the crime? Wow. If that doesn’t say finger pointing.


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