Kathia Casseus

They had no right to wait for some on-call nurse to return a page which was never returned. They should have called for an ambulance. This is just like with Anna Brown, dying and ignored.


“They had no right to treat her or prescribe anything to her without her mother’s consent,” Costello said.

According to Costello, on November 23 the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center put Kathia on birth control. He also questions how Kathia, who has never been known to smoke, accessed cigarettes in a secure facility for juveniles. Questions that have not been answered.”

She should have been taking some thyroid replacement medication having been born without a thyroid gland as noted in the autopsy, but no mention of anything.

Strange that the ME noted Kathia smoked (impossible while incarcerated to be sucking on cancer sticks all day and over so many months). Maybe Kathia was a smoker before she went in and was supposed to be given a nicotine patch and some genius gave her a birth control patch instead.

“You’ve got to get to medical doctors… If someone is complaining that they can’t breathe, having shortness of breath, the first thing you do is call 911.”


They’re asking anyone with information to please call: 816-505-HELP. In addition, the pair has hired a retired coroner from Atlanta to head up their investigation.



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