In The Frame Of Blame

Anthrax Panel Experts, Author Will Discuss Findings at UVA Law School

The panel was granted access to the “Amerithrax” investigative materials as well as Ivins’ sealed psychiatric records. In particular, Lamberth asked the panelists to offer a better understanding of Ivins’ mental state before and after the anthrax mailings; his possible motives; and the connections, if any, between his mental state and the commission of the crimes.

What a load of crap!!! The FBI NEVER EVER proved that Dr. Ivins was the Amerithrax creator, mailer or killer. They have no clue still who did it, how they did it and where the tin used was manufactured or obtained.

The only thing they could gain a better understanding of by “studying” Dr. Ivins’ mental state is how to best harass someone and make them dissolve psychologically. Dr. Hatfill was on the edge of self destructing.

How beneficial to the CIA (more likely the who dunnit) to use this stupid game the FBI played on Dr. Hatfill AND Dr. Ivins…….whichever one commits suicide first gets the blame.

The CIA’s No Touch Torture script.

The Amerithrax Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel – Analyzing the person most likely to commit suicide, but not proven to have committed the crime.


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