The screaming and the silence.

Company Says Plant Could Eventually Process Up To 200 Horses A Day


“Sue Wallis, a Wyoming legislator who is chief executive officer of Unified Equine, met Monday with a large crowd at the Wright County Livestock Auction to discuss plans for the plant. She said she was not swayed by opposition to the plant.
“Discussion’s over. Make all the noise you want. We’re going into business,” Wallis said.

1. Horse slaughter is on my list of Eff You’s.
2. They must be getting Governor Jay Nixon’s tax break advantage by coming to Missouri instead of staying in Wyoming where super hag Wallis is from and the business, Unified Equine, is based.
3. This will cause a huge rise in horse theft and pasture killings by those who will come back the next day and offer to haul away that dead horse for $$$.

“The company was looking at the Mountain Grove area because of the amount of horses in the region.”
SERIOUSLY? Does she think every Ozarkian will ride and trailer their horses and ponies to her slaughterhouse?



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