Lisa Irwin Missing – Dr. Phil Show

Ron Rugen Sez:

He heard Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley will be on Dr. Phil’s show scheduled to air Feburary 3rd.

I wonder when it was recorded.


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6 Responses to Lisa Irwin Missing – Dr. Phil Show

  1. Kim says:

    Ohh my:( Dr. Phil makes me sick. If this is true it will be worst than having George & Cindy Anthony on his season opener claiming he is only giving money to the seemingly nonexistent “Caylee’s Fund” charity. I tried to believe Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have some kind of good reason that i don’t understand for not begging for Lisa’s return…I have lost all hope.

    Appreciate the update!

  2. TripodMA says:

    Heya Kim.

    Yup! I rarely watch any of Dr. Phil unless it’s by channel flipping accident. He’ll probably offer free substance abuse treatment for Deborah.

    It is weird J&D don’t do any TV requests for help. But, they probably don’t want to get questioned in the process.
    And you know what? Ashley said she was going hand out flyers and such over her winter break, but there was no word about that. Maybe she’ll drag it over to spring break, or pass up that opportunity until summer break…and continue blowing it off.

  3. Deborah bradley is just making an ass out of her self;on dr phill show deborah bradley knows what happened baby lisa. .drawned in the bathtub?and doesn’t want to take responceibity for her own actions; and wont face the a lady? Deborah is guilty?the boozing is just a cover upto avoid getting arrested. And being charger’s with murder? No one broke in to that. House of hers?how come the boys weren’t taken? It seems like deborah bradleytook lessons from casey anthony to cover up her actionsand get away with murder.deborah and jermanyboth know where baby lisa is..anyone that’s kills their kidthey have some form of mental illness they allways get a way with murder.?deborah dradleyough to be ashamed. of her. ?because she is not concerned aboutbaby lisa.she only concerned about deborah bradley( herself) to make money and tell some more lies.

    • TripodMA says:

      If Deborah did kill Lisa or if Lisa died in Deborah’s ‘care’ due to lack of supervision in the tub or perhaps alcohol poisoning or maybe too much cold medicine (Lisa looks a little snockered to me in one photo), do you have any thoughts on how and where did she dispose of Lisa’s body?

      Because there was no apparent cadaver dog hit on their Lincoln and although police didn’t try very hard or at all to gather video evidence from the area to see if the Town Car or a known acquaintance/relative was driving around during the hours in question…it seems all the police have is to be hyperfocused on Deborah.

      One thing they could have done at the time is to have had the tracking dogs scent for Deborah to see where all she’d been..besides out to get a box of wine…even if she did kill Lisa and set her in a basket to float down the creek to the river.

      If I had a cadaver dog, I’d be walking it all over that area (include/exclude – rule in/rule out)…even in hopes of finding anyone whose body was ever dumped or buried around there.

      What do you think about the possibility that Jeremy had something to do with Lisa’s disappearance by cover-up for death or just had someone make her go poof for whatever reason?

  4. Kim says:

    There are so many unanswered questions…I would love to know what the boys remember about that evening. Especially if they were in bed with Deb. I didn’t even think of the tub, meds or alcohol, which are all very possible! I thought maybe she had her in bed & accidentally rolled over & suffocated her when she blacked out. But you are right, how did she get rid of the body? And my idea is most likely wrong, since she might not have awakened anyway. It seems to me (just an idea) if she was one to sit on the porch & drink (or just be outside with the boys) she could have at least known Jersey in passing if he spent so much time working & walking thru the neighborhood? Or what happened with her brother that night? I heard he bought the wine with her but conflicting stories about the evening? The whole man walking with a baby seems to have been witnessed enough to be true???? Do you know anything more about her brother?

    But what I do know for sure…Good Morning America paid the Anthony’s hundreds of thousands dollars for photos of Caylee, which really paid for the interview of George & Cindy…and then promised to never pay after that scandal. Yet who had all the interviews with Deb & Jeremy? And also followed their boys trick or treating? GMA!!!
    And as I mentioned before about Dr Phil & the Anthonys “charity”…:(
    I honestly try to think they are just afraid of being treated like the Ramsey’s..and perhaps are just young and scared…but actions speak louder than words…I have no doubt for one second they were “somehow” paid for their very selective media events. Even though they had such generous benefactors helping them & posting huge rewards to find Baby Lisa…and we know it was taped prob at least a couple of weeks ago…Even trying to give them the benefit of the doubt is hard to believe they are concerned about looking for Lisa.

    Anyway thanks for listening & keeping me up to date:)

    • TripodMA says:

      I haven’t seen or heard anything about Phil Netz since Nov. 1st.

      Well, five more days and we get to see this highly edited, controlled interview with DB’s new hair color and JI’s new clothes.

      I’m really bothered by the fact of neither of them doing much at all to find Lisa…from the perspective of Lisa being alive and Lisa’s perspective years down the road. What will Lisa have as concrete proof her parents were keeping hope and spreading the word?
      Even though there are a lot of haters out there, there are still ways to set up a website where nobody can leave comments.
      Shawn Hornbeck’s parents kept a site and Shawn found the site online.
      What will Lisa find?
      There’s which was set up by someone else and facebook sites set up by others…and who knows how long they will stay online.

      I’m always around…so holler at me anytime. Glad you’re here 🙂

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