Copdar, Iran and My Civil Rights

Sitting in the N facing left turn lane…I felt it…that spidey sense that a cop was near. Vrooooom and whoosh. A plain wrapper, multi antenna supervisor car flies around the corner going S and turns right into the school parking lot. I was hoping he wouldn’t come back out and follow me…and he didn’t.
Someone called me this afternoon and said “Hurry up and buy gas today. Iran is causing the gas prices to rise.”
Thankfully I got some gas this morning for $3.08 a gallon. By this afternoon it was $3.18 at most places. Even at the cheap place.

So, in turn, food prices will rise again. I’ve decided to exist on only loss leaders or if I have a good amount on a coupon. Screw the next clerk who makes a smart ass comment about ‘extreme couponing’.
I was asked to show my ID in order to be able to purchase some money orders. I found out after the purchases that it’s not required by law unless the amount is for $3,000.00 and over. Another unpleasantry performed by CVS.


About TripodMA

I went to protests and all I got was this lousy surveillance. Proud parking lot naturalist. My Awards: Time Magazine Person of the Year! 2011 Recipient of the distinguished FBI Out-And-About & Home Visit award FBI Associates Program Nominee 2009-2010 County Parks Taxidermy Squirrel recipient 2009-2010 Don’t Eff With Me and I Won’t Eff With You certificate 2010
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