How to Lose a Loyal Customer

It was not a big deal having to come back to CVS today to get the advertized discounts. The lady yesterday didn’t have her employee card to override both of us forgetting about scanning the discount card.

When I came in today, the woman manager, who is usually nice, was working. I explained I didn’t get all the discounts and the extrabucks because of the goof up yesterday. So….she got all bent out of shape having to issue the extrabucks and she scanned my discount tag. She shoved the extrabuck coupon and my discount tag on the counter at me.

I said to her again that I didn’t get all the sale prices. She huffed. I went down the receipt and said
The toothbrush was advertized at 5.99 and I was charged 7.99
The canned goods are advertized at 1.00 and .59 and I was charged full price
The Pringles were advertized at 1.50 and I was charged full price

She said, “The toothbrush is 7.99″ and turned her snarly face away from me attempting to end the transaction.

I got the circular and started marking all the prices with a pen for her and she got huffier.

Five people got in line behind me and I said to her that I can step aside and let’s let all those people get taken care of and I didn’t mind waiting. Of course, that’s what she should have politely said to me. It wasn’t a crisis situation or anything. I think she just wanted to be a bitch and make me go away so she didn’t have to deal with rectifying the problem.

So all the people are served and she goes about gathering up the items to physically rescan.

In the mean time, one gal who works there and knows me came up teasing and asked if I was causing trouble lol. I said I guess so because she wanted to argue the price of things with me and got all huffy, so I’m going to be going to the other CVS down the road from now on.

Manager gets back to the counter and asks condescendingly, “Did you bring your card TODAY?”…yah well duh she just used it to get the extrabucks due to me. I simply said yes, and handed her my discount tag. I try hard not to let people bait me into being as shitty as they are.

Then she refunds the whole purchase in cash and rings it up as it should have been including the 5.99 sale price of the toothbrush which she vehemently denied was on sale. I ended up owing $21.15 which displayed on the card swiper. She said it was $25.15 and grabbed $27.00 … I said “It’s twenty ONE fifteen”. She insisted it was twenty FIVE fifteen. Then the other gal came over and told her it really was twenty ONE fifteen.


Went to the other CVS. Got to the checkout and the guy only says, “Extra care card”, swipes my purchases, says the total, hands me my receipt and that’s it.
He had thanked the lady in front of me when he finished her checkout and to the guy behind me when he stepped up, the clerk said, “Do you have an extracare card with us?”



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