Similar Police Rhetoric

Universal police definition of “not cooperating” = obtaining a lawyer and taking that lawyer’s advice to shut up.

Everyone seems to flunk the “Do you know where she is now?” question.

‘The father of a missing 2-year-old girl has hired an attorney and has stopped cooperating with investigators, a police source told The Detroit News.’

‘Lane appeared to be cooperative during the early stages of the investigation, but a source told The News Monday afternoon: “He lawyered up and quit talking.” ‘


‘The FBI flew a polygraph expert into Detroit. A source told The News that Lane scored poorly when asked two specific questions: “Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?” and “Do you know where she is now?”‘
This guy, D’andre Lane, was reportedly seen by a neighbor relentlessly spanking the crap out of this tiny missing two year old, Bianca Jones, the night before the “carjacking”. Too bad the neighbor didn’t call police or CPS.

Also, this guy was reportedly seen moments after the “carjacking” with a gun.

The info he gave for the sketch, well it’s pretty much Doppelganger with smaller eyes.

According to court docs, he’s threatened to kill his other child and that child’s mother has a restraining order against him.

His lawyer says death threats are being made against D’andre so badass D’andre is going to stay inside.

Bianca was supposed to be spending some time at D’andre’s relatives that day according to other reports.

Maybe she was so bruised and swollen or slowly hemorrhaging/dying that he needed to make her disappear.



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