Ashley Irwin Sees It Like This

please pray from far away…….. 😉

Where Picerno/Bradley/Irwin say it’s all about the boys not being bothered

“… but needs the vigils held at a different location because of Lisa’s older half brothers. He said the vigils create an overwhelming and emotionally charged atmosphere for the family.”

Ashley says it’s about keeping the intrusive, gossipy, backstabbing, cackling hens off the lawn…especially those who are Debbie Dun-its.

“The majority, if not all, of those people think that Deborah killed Lisa and dumped her body there,” Ashley said. “Hence why they were searching there in the first place.”

As if that’s a bad thing to search?

What if someone else took Lisa and dumped her body in a fairly small radius surrounding the home?
What if the phones are out there in the woods or on the side of a highway?

Ashley said Jeremy and Deborah have made it clear they do not want media in front of their home yet media were invited to be there that night. “It just adds to the drama and takes away from the focus of finding Baby Lisa,” she said.

There is no more public focus on finding Lisa except for the media coverage of vigils and searches.

Even if the vigils move to Penguin Park, the same people will attend and behave in the same way. Same with the searches.

I’d rather have people out searching for the phones and anything that might be found related to Lisa’s disappearance instead of waiting for finals to be over with.

Still no sense of urgency to find Lisa and the phones. Why?

I hope Ashley chooses to specialize in corporate or real estate law [paper law]. I don’t think her people skills are very good.


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