Tom Slovenski Talks About Cell Service

Probably the call out from Deborah’s phone just went to the Verizon message center.

Too bad Dane won’t talk about it.

Oh, and Ron Rugen is taking tips through his kc-pi e-mail.

I guess you could use or if you really want to send him a tip since it’s not an anonymous way to send.


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5 Responses to Tom Slovenski Talks About Cell Service

  1. Kim says:

    Why hasn’t Megan gotten a copy of her phone records? That would show if her phone actually received the call. She has put so much of herself out there, but I haven’t seen that? Maybe I missed it, just curious if she ever got it. Thanks for your great updates!

  2. TripodMA says:

    It’s been said that Megan can’t get cell phone records of her phone because it’s a cheapy pay as you go service and they don’t keep call/text records for that type service. I don’t have that service, but I scoped out Google and read a few sites where they say the only way to get call and text records from a Virgin “crack phone” is to get the phone and attempt a forensic diagnostic. Kinda sucks. Too bad Dane won’t talk about it.

    Could be he’s getting a break from police for being silent…at least that thought’s crossed my mind.
    “Because she was using a pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile cell phone, there are no telephone company records and this phone has no SIMM card.”

    Take care and HAGD!

  3. TripodMA says:
    “The only two carriers who retain your text messages are Verizon (and only for 3 to 5 days) and Virgin Mobile (for 90 days, and a search warrant is required for access).”


    Still looks like Megan can’t get those records on her own, but cops can get the last 2 years (if it works the same as for Sprint reseller of Virgin) for her phone and the past 1 year on Deborah’s.

    Sorely lacking is any information on Jeremy’s personal phone left at the house. Makes me wonder if someone tried to access the VM and internet on that one too…as well as the phone Dave Netz Sr. gave to Deborah.

    I kinda think IF someone stole the phones they were trying to call *86 to wipe the VM messages and maybe tried to access MyVerizon online through the phone to reset the password so they could sell/pawn a cleaned up phone.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for the info:) U always have some great theories also. Sorta odd that Megan would just set a pay-as-you-go phone out for anyone to use for anything. Especially cause she seems to be so broke I would think she would really be watching the minutes.

  4. TripodMA says:

    True! It could get expensive if people used it to talk and not text on the cheaper plans.
    I remember she said they pooled money for groceries…maybe people who used her phone regularly paid her a little cash.
    I wish she still answered questions on that Q&A facebook. grrrrr

    Monthly $35 charge (300 anytime minutes + unlimited text + unlimited data)
    Monthly $45 charge (1,200 anytime minutes + unlimited text + unlimited data)
    * Monthly $55 charge (unlimited anytime minutes + unlimited text + unlimited data)

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