Megan Wright, Dane, Forensic Interviews

Megan Wright sets the story straight and Russ Ptacek digs in courthouse documents.

Kansas City woman who got call from missing Irwin phone wants her name cleared in case

Russ: “So at the time the mystery call came, what happened?”
Wright: “I’m not sure, from what I was told from people who were upstairs at the time said Dane had the phone all night. I don’t know if it was answered if it went to voicemail or if he was on the phone at the time.

Wright: “He denied answering it. Didn’t know anything about it. He did admit answering the phone to a detective who had called, I guess later on that evening or the next day.”


The Kansas City Police Department tells NBC Action News that they’re now in discussions with the family of Lisa Irwin to interview the two half-brothers of the missing baby

Discussions aka ground rules.


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4 Responses to Megan Wright, Dane, Forensic Interviews

  1. Sounds weird. The whole thing. The guy who answered the phone-allegedly-has the strangest name ever. It almost makes Megan’s hair seem normal and natural.

    It’s easy to see the importance of the missing..but, don’t overdo it.

  2. Colorado says:

    Deb and Jeremy were the victims of an opportunist. Think about the people who skulk around in your neighborhood. Their boundaries are hard for the rest of us to imagine……….

  3. Colorado says:

    I had a homeless guy who lived in my basement crawlspace for two months, in 1990. I was unaware until his large circle of buddies decided to burglarize my house over xmas when I was gone. The police told me, casually, that, yeah, people do sneak around into other people’s lives. Just to sneak. Sneaky sneak like Charlie Manson and Fam. Or spy for the next opportunity to snatch something of value once you are gone. There is a whole undercurrent of skulkers out there if you live in run-down, gentrified, or middle-class neighborhoods. Even upper class like the Ramseys.

  4. TripodMA says:

    True, true, there are a lot of homeless in my neighborhood and lots of pilfering from cars, shoplifting from grocery stores and all that. Where I used to live, homeless guys would go into the basement and sleep behind the old boiler furnace…just pry up the windows and slip in.

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