Dave Netz and Step-MIL Give More Scoop

Hazel Bradley seems like a really awesome person.


Instead, she started leaving the house at night, taking Hazel’s truck without asking when the family slept.


“I miss Debbie. She was a good mother … There’s just no way she could have done this, and she’s just not smart enough — not that she’s dumb — but she couldn’t cover up something like this so well.”

This I totally believe…without question…without hesitation.

He says officers called Debbie white trash in their interviews, told her to cut the innocence act, that it was obvious she’d killed Lisa. They said they’d found the body, showed her burnt clothes, he says.

“Then, they told Jeremy that Debbie had confessed to them that Lisa wasn’t his, even though she looks just like him! Eleven hours they talked with both Jeremy and Debbie, and when they asked for a break, the police announced they weren’t cooperating!”

So, when Jeremy was talking about how the suspect list was created -with emphasis placed on someone cheating on their husband-, he was merely slipping in a paraphrasing (and a dig at Deborah) of what detectives told him about Deborah “confessing” that Lisa wasn’t his…and in that interview Deborah turned to Jeremy almost panicked, shook her head no and said “no”…that’s the deal with that.


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