Gil & Bernice Abeyta

Abeyta said that police accused them in interviews of killing their son and dumping his body in a nearby lake. And like Bradley, Bernice Abeyta was told she flunked a lie detector test.

“It just seems to be the standard procedure,” he said. “It must be a tactic that they use.”


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I went to protests and all I got was this lousy surveillance. Proud parking lot naturalist. My Awards: Time Magazine Person of the Year! 2011 Recipient of the distinguished FBI Out-And-About & Home Visit award FBI Associates Program Nominee 2009-2010 County Parks Taxidermy Squirrel recipient 2009-2010 Don’t Eff With Me and I Won’t Eff With You certificate 2010
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3 Responses to Gil & Bernice Abeyta

  1. Carrie says:

    No, Gill. Bernice Abeyta (Christopher’s mom and your sometimes wife) failed TWO polygraphs immediately following his disappearance and she refused to take a third polygraph. Bernice has had 27 years to retake that polygraph to prove she wasn’t involved in Christopher’s disappearance, but she hasn’t. Why don’t you encourage Bernice to take another polygraph?

    In July 2013, Sgt. Steve Noblitt of the Colorado Springs Police Department said no one has been rules out as a possible suspect. That includes Bernice, the number one suspect.

  2. TripodMA says:

    Are you thinking Gil does a lot of ego surfing that he would find your comment here?
    That would be weird if he did read it.

  3. Marty says:

    I wouldn’t call it ego surfing. I’d call it a nervous compulsion to try to relieve anxiety.

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