Lisa’s Brothers to be Interviewed and Give DNA
Irwin and Bradley sons to be “interviewed” and to give DNA samples Friday.

I suppose it’s important to have their DNA to exclude them, not just individualize them from samples taken from the home as is sometimes done. I hope there is a stipulation to dump their DNA samples and profiles from any criminal database and/or lab after a set amount of time.


“Police say that the siblings of missing Northland infant Lisa Irwin may be interviewed later this week, but a lawyer for the parents of the 11-month-old girl who disappeared over three weeks ago says not so fast.”

The Suggestibility of the Child Witness:
The Role of Individual Differences and Their Assessment

Johann Endres, Psychological Institute, University of Bonn
Children as Witnesses:
What We Hear Them Say May Not Be What They Mean

“Children try to answer the questions that are posed to them, even when they are
not precisely sure what information is being requested.”

Thanks to the gentleman buying oodles of packages of diapers in the store this morning for the hard stares. Nice way to start the day.


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