Forensic Scent and the VaJayJay, Infected Wounds, Your Breath and Urine

Here’s a bit about vaginosis and findings of some particular scents that come with it, which cadaver dogs are trained to recognize. I wonder if anyone ever in the history of that house ever had sex on the floor…hmmmm.
Analysis of Bacterial Vaginosis-Related Amines in Vaginal Fluid by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
Helen Wolrath,1* Urban Forsum,1 P. G. Larsson,1 and Hans Borén2

“There is a strong correlation between bacterial vaginosis and the presence of putrescine, cadaverine, and tyramine in high concentrations in vaginal fluid.”

Even Vagisil is educating us on what can happen within.

“…putrescine and cadaverine.”

This article teaches us about icky infected wounds and their ability to give off the smells of cadaverine and putrescine.

You know about kids and how used bandaids with that yellow pussy seepage mysteriously appear on the floor, don’t you?
Know anyone with diabetes who has had gangrene on a toe?
Your stinky morning breath contains the fragrance of putrescine and cadaverine, so don’t ever lick any flooring in the morning.
Urine of people with various types of cancer contains putrescine and cadavarine. That would include people who have been diagnosed and even people who might not know they have cancer. Adult diapers and plain old adult accidents happen too.
Oh, yeah, and in semen.


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