Lisa Irwin – Missing

And finally they release information about someone who had access to the home’s keypad code! Plus, this teenager was asked to give a DNA sample and had been in the home Monday before the baby was found missing early Tuesday morning.

Deborah Bradley is still married according to her estranged husband’s family, but someone gave her a glowing report. They say her husband is in the military (wonder if he’s paying support and what he’s told them in regard to BAS/BAQ and all that), but they claim divorce and child support/visitation for their child in common is too expensive. They have not been approached by KCPD detectives.

Jeremy Irwin’s ex-girlfriend’s family had nothing good to say about him. The reporter made it seem the family thinks that Jeremy is ruthless, made a surprise exodus on the girlfriend and took custody of their child in common.
Clay County, Missouri courts list two cases with Jeremy Irwin and his ex-girlfriend, Rasleen Raim.
The first, a 2005 paternity judgment.
The second, a 2009 child support and custody issue.

There was delinquent tax case against Irwin in Clay County court last year for just under $1500 including the court fee.


Currently, investigators are playing “If I can’t do it, nobody can” and “I could only do it this way, so it can’t be done by anyone else in another way” at the Irwin home.

Check out the pic showing the man getting a leg up onto the sill and using his fantastic planche to “see if it’s possible”.

Whether or not this was how the home was entered by someone…when I was a kid, we used to go in and out of windows, and having brick below the window, we’d use that to toe up and didn’t need a leg up…and we weren’t concerned about messing up dress shoes and slacks like the investigator there, because we wore tennis shoes and jeans or shorts. We would also place our shin on the sill and spin around so we could set our feet down in the room facing the window while holding onto the sill. We would never planche and fall into the room.

Oh, well.


KCPD is asking an anti-crime activist if he’s withholding any tips he’s received about Lisa Irwin.

That’s rich, considering he’s the one who once had to MAKE KCPD detectives listen to and investigate a tip they dismissed…which solved the case.

Rumor has it an arrest is imminent. Probably as soon as they can get it all typed up and submitted to a judge.


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