Not Big Brother – They’re Your Mother

“The operation was scheduled to take place on Thursday as an effort to educate the public about securing their wireless Internet connections. DART unit members were to make contact with residents who have open wireless connections and teach them the importance of securing them.”

So the police would be going around wasting taxpayer’s money for gallons and gallons of gas – WARDRIVING? Then they would come to your door and tell you to secure your network? lol

Do they get that many reports of bandwidth theft or do they think terrorists will be getting free wi-fi to use for porn viewing?

If you’re too stupid to secure your wireless, they should probably just come take your computers away.

I think I’d sue them if they were trying to get on my connection AND come to my door.


‘Stingray’ Phone Tracker Fuels Constitutional Clash .

“Experts say lawmakers and the courts haven’t yet settled under what circumstances locating a person or device constitutes a search requiring a warrant. Tracking people when they are home is particularly sensitive because the Fourth Amendment specifies that people have a right to be secure against unreasonable searches in their “houses.”


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